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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Today Braden says...

So today while helping me peel boiled eggs Braden says, "Mom be REALLY quiet Emmitt sleeping, not wake him up, OK!" I just thought it was super funny, and quite a long sentence for a two year old. He said this because I was cracking the egg and apparently making a lot of noise.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Braden's Ear Surgery

So Braden hasn't been listening very well so we had a little ear surgery to improve the situation.

Ok. I wish that would work! HA! No, that was a fun family home evening lesson we did about listening to mom and dad and Heavenly Father. We made some fun giant ears and Braden thought it was fun to wear them, but now I dont think he can see.

Ok the real ear surgery was to put tubes in his ears. So we were at the hospital bright and early, 6:30am. This is Braden in his "cool" hospital clothes (the only ones they had in his size nice colors for a boy I know), and sitting on his special bed.
He did really well, I could tell he was a little nervous and a little excited to see the doctor. His surgery was at 8:20am and the doc came out at 8:30am saying it went well and they would come and get me in a few minutes when he was awake. About 15 minutes later a nurse came out and said the only way Braden would let them pick him up was if they brought him to his mommy...can I get an ahhh. He was pretty much hysterical when I got in there and gasping for breathe between his sobs. Since when he woke up he didn't know where he was or what happened it was a little scary. After holding him for about 20 minutes he calmed down as the anesthesia wore off. Then he just kept saying, "Mom stand up and walk, go home." He still had to drink his apple juice before we could go, oh and change out of those cute clothes. He happily drank the juice but it took some confining to take off his stylish hospital garb. Apparently he had become attached.
The nurse then brought him a big happy face balloon and he got to pick out a toy...he got a little green frog to match his bathroom. Then we were home my 9:30am...wheeww glad we made it through that one. The rest of the day he was happy but a little tired, in fact he fell asleep while watching cars on the living room floor about 1pm. Wow, that was an easy go down for nap time! That night we got pizza as requested by Braden and Diesel to add to his train collection. Good job Braden for being so brave in the hospital and thanks to his fun nurse Stephanie and Dr. Mayes for hopefully helping him hear better! I just wish this would improve his listening skills too.

This is us trying to take our own photo with my phone. AHH did I forget mascara again, geeez, that is what you get for doing make up at 5am.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tubes for Braden

Tomorrow morning at 6:30am we will be at the hospital with Braden, he is getting tubes put in his little ears. He has had ear infection after ear infection and the fluid is not draining so these should surely help. Its a same day surgery and shouldn't be too big of a deal, he has a new comfy outfit for the surgery, new Thomas the train books to keep us busy while we wait, and his latest favorite movie "The Polar Express." (cause there is a "cool" train in it)
We will update with pictures soon. Hey I think this means I am caught up for the time being on my blogging. WOOOHOO! Took me long enough.

Well actually we went to the park with Emrie and Noelle yesterday I am going to have to snatch some of the pics you took Noelle of the kids holding hands that was pretty cute.

So I have never been one to blog and just type what's going on without pics but I think I am leaning towards doing that occasionally so I will do a better job of journaling since this seems to be the only way I get it done! More on the journal side to come.

Baby Food

So I am going to attempt the homemade baby food thing over the next while so I will have plenty by the time Emmitt is eating it. Here is my first attempt at bananas, not hard. I used this football thing I have I think it makes the perfect portion and it is perfect shape for a little boy, how fun! Now they are in my freezer. Plus this was a great use for my too ripe to eat bananas. Thanks Jen for the tips on making baby food for the freezer.

Happy Birthday Grandma Mickie and more...

So last week Brian had a business trip to Spokan for the week, so the boys and I headed to Grandma's house for the week. Great timing to go on vacation huh! We got to see friends, celebreate Grandma's birthday, go to Katie's wedding reception, and ride motor bikes with Grandpa. Thank you again for letting us come it was really great to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa (brian's parents) and I really enjoyed cooking for everyone that week.

As you can see above Emmitt is a little thumb sucker on occasion. He found his thumb and it was so cute I had to take a picture, now its time to break him of this habit. LOL

Braden was helping make brownies with me, he does a most excellent job licking the spoon.

For Mommy Lundholm's birthday we made shredded pork tacos, homemade fresh salsa, corn and black beans, and rice. And to drink we made Brazilian limeades, YUM!!! That are so good and really easy to make. As requested I made a fresh cherry pie and because we didn't think that was enough we also made a brownie trifle that was super yummy!
And since it was a PARRRRTTTY and Braden says we blew up balloons and Braden got Grandma some beautiful flowers that I arranged, man I should have taken a photo of those. Stinks when you are only using your iPhone camera...need to charge my dang camera batteries, is that so hard to do. Aunt Melissa and Aunt Jessica came over to party with us, oh and of course new Uncle Logan.

So this is Emmitt eyeing Braden I think he was racing to blow out the candles. See mouth open and ready! HA! Wow that pie looks like it is on fire.

Brian flew into Boise Friday night then headed to Hamer to meet up with us. YAY! We were so excited to have him with us again. The next day we just hung around the house, got to take a good long nap...amazing! Then Grandpa got out the motor bikes and Brian took Braden on a ride. He loved it, he kept saying faster dad faster! He wouldn't let Grandpa take him quite yet, I think he was still a little nervous. He just loves his Daddy! Then we went "out" for some pizza. To the Mudlake pizza shop where Brian worked in high sc

After church on Sunday we headed home a little nervous for the drive since I had to two grumpy boys in my car and Brian was in front of us in his car....but luckily within the first 10 minutes both boys were sound asleep. THANK YOU!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and back again...

Road Trip August 7, 2010

Setting out on a long day for adventure with two very happy boys....
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First stop Tree House Museum in Ogden Utah. Braden loved running around this incredible toy museum. And his favorite room, you guessed it the train room.

Now you know where he gets his cheeser grins from....Brian doing a puppet show with Braden.

Braden pointing out the water to us in Japan.

We then headed to Evanston, WY where Brian's brother, Jared and his family just moved to. We stopped by the local fair to see the train show. Braden got to ride in this little toy one...course he wouldn't look at the camera to save his life. So the show was pretty much a lot of "old" men and their hobbies....but so cool. Braden loved all the trains, chooo choo as he says. Glad he is into something so fun right now. We then ate at the local SUDS...should have gotten a pic of this place, if this is the best place in town thank goodness we don't have to eat there again. Pretty much a bar with some tables and a menu. The best part was that we got to eat there with family. Brian's parents and Brooke's parents and sis were there too so that part was fun. After an exhausting dinner with two two year olds we headed back home. Yippee for our fun day and yay for making our 4 hour drive back home before 10pm. Oh the Idaho part of this adventure was a quick stop to Costco for diapers. HA!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Emmitt 2 months: August 5th

So I am never in photos with Emmitt, so Happy 2 Months!!
He is 15lbs. 24 1/2 inches
He is doing really quite well at night for a breastfed baby. He wakes up only once and it is usually 4 or 5am, then he goes back to sleep until 7:30 or so. I kind of wish he would wake up around 3 or 4am so I can get up at 6am easier. We will work on getting him to bed sooner than 10pm and hopefully that will help him wake up sooner. He still sleeps a lot in the day time, we are still working on two set nap times...love you Emmitt!

Bite of Twin Falls

So this was nothing compared to the bite of Seattle or taste of Tacoma but it was fun to eat and listen to some local talent...that was Braden's favorite part, the band! Oh, well maybe his favorite part was when he got to ride the train. He rode "Thomas" the blue train....at least he he thought it was Thomas. By the way he is obsessed with Thomas the train and all his friends....he is collecting all of them, currently he has: Thomas, Percy, Henry, Gordon, James, and Harold (helicopter) next on the list: Stanley and Duke.

With ticket in hand he waiting for the engine to start.

Some local scouts collected the tickets and made sure everyone was buckled up.
We visited with our friends Jake and Cassie there too!
Then we stopped off at our favorite frozen yogurt shop Kiwi Loco.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Boise Zoo

On July 24th we took the boys to the Boise Zoo. It was such a warm day out as all our summer days are here in Twin, 90 plus degrees, but we had a good time seeing all the animals even in the heat. My favorite part were the giraffes, I am pretty sure I have never seen one in real life before. They are huge! Braden enjoyed seeing the camodo dragon, the frogs, and the giraffes. he loved riding the elephant on the carousel, and sliding down the giraffe. Emmitt was such a good zoo baby he slept the whole time. After a few hours of the zoo and plenty of heat for one afternoon we headed back to Twin.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Random Moments this Summer PART 1

We have had a lot of fun so far this summer and here is a LONG line of pics to prove it. Since I now spend my days at home with the boys all week we try to keep busy playing, going to the park, and taking pics with my handy iPhone...so I finally uploaded them to the computer so they are not really in order...Normally this is not a problem but Emmitt looks so different from week to week that I realized I may be posting him out of growth order. I am trying not to let this bother the perfectionist in me. Speaking of perfection...that seems to go out the window when you have a two year old and a two month old...whatever will I do?!? Oh above is Braden wanting a picture with Woody and Buzz his two best pals.

We go to the city park a lot and Braden always wants to chase the squirrels. Above he is waiting for the squirrel to "come here" he couldn't figure out why he wouldn't listen.

Trying to take a pic of all of us with the phone not bad I say.

After the park we stopped off to an ice cream shop where they make these perfect little kiddy cones for .74 cents!! Braden saying cheese for me.

what skinny little legs you have....3 weeks
Making pizza on Costco's fabulous garlic bread, half supreme, half Canadian bacon pineapple. YUM!

Braden turns around quickly and says NO to the picture, but hah I got it anyway.

We went to a car show at the City Park and thought these ones were the best there.

Emmitt: 3 weeks old

Enjoying the shade pool side with mom while dad and Braden swim.

So this is a helmet Brian has signed by a whole bunch of quarter backs...Braden always wants to wear it. Apparently Brian caved this morning.

Braden, Emmitt, and I walked around the Twin Falls Temple grounds one afternoon. Braden LOVED the fountains it has.

This Saturday we went to the mall and did a little shopping after which we got Braden Jesse to add to his collection of Woody and Buzz. He loved seeing Toy Story 3 in the theatre!

So here we are in Macy's and Braden says "cheese mom cheese" ... this is while I am looking in the shoe department. He wanted a pic by the wall behind him with Jesse. He insisted it was by this wall, not sure why. Don't you love this mom with both boys while dad is browsing the men's department. It is just easier this way I guess for both of us.

After the mall we stopped off to climb down behind the water fall that is right behind our house.

Emmitt: 5 weeks old wearing outfit given to him by Aimee.