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Monday, August 16, 2010

Bite of Twin Falls

So this was nothing compared to the bite of Seattle or taste of Tacoma but it was fun to eat and listen to some local talent...that was Braden's favorite part, the band! Oh, well maybe his favorite part was when he got to ride the train. He rode "Thomas" the blue train....at least he he thought it was Thomas. By the way he is obsessed with Thomas the train and all his friends....he is collecting all of them, currently he has: Thomas, Percy, Henry, Gordon, James, and Harold (helicopter) next on the list: Stanley and Duke.

With ticket in hand he waiting for the engine to start.

Some local scouts collected the tickets and made sure everyone was buckled up.
We visited with our friends Jake and Cassie there too!
Then we stopped off at our favorite frozen yogurt shop Kiwi Loco.

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