What's been going on with the Lundholms...

Sunday, February 27, 2011


When we woke up to snow Braden was so excited to go outside and build a snowman, but by the time we made it outside this is all the snow Braden was able to scoop up. Emmitt also got to enjoy a few flakes that day...outside loving the bumbo.


Day 2...SNOW
Braden and I taking our own timed photo...yay it worked...

So the next morning there was a lot more snow outside and so during Emmitt's morning nap we made it back outside to attempt making a snowman.

Braden loved eating the snow.

This is our snowman...the snow wasn't so great for making a snow man but we tried. Braden was proud of it.

So this kid can't handle getting snow on his gloves, or dirt or anything on him really. He kept taking them off to clean them. I finally taught him it was okay to get snow on his gloves so he finally left them on and just dusted them off EVERY time.

We sure had fun!

Glad we got a little bit of winter in Lacey.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Splish Splash

Tonight during bath time I put Emmitt in with Braden, the water was kind of deep for him but he LOVED it. He learned that when you hit the water it slashes and so he kept doing it. He would giggle when Braden hit the water and then do it himself. Emmitt was laughing so hard and Braden loved that. So I had to snap a few pics of their fun.

Even with all the water in his face he loved it, no crying just giggles!

The more serious splashes are not on camera for fear of soaking it...since I was pretty much soaked afterwards!

President's Weekend

We got to have family over for this president's weekend! Grandma, Grandpa, Great-Grandma, and Aunt Jessica flew in on Friday to see us! We had such a fun time with them in our home, there was lots and lots of laughing and playing....special thanks to Aunt Jessica for following Braden around all weekend he sure loves you! When I got back from my massage that afternoon I was welcomed by family playing with my boys and all sorts of new puzzels and books for Braden. Even Great Grandma was down on the floor putting the puzzels together with Braden. These puzzels are pretty sweet they are 2x3 feet and Braden was so good at putting them together. You could see the wheels turning as he was trying to figure out where the pieces went. He is so smart! That night we had my family over too and celebrated my birthday together. It was a sweet family dinner party. We had grilled kabobs with chicken, squash, onions, peppers, and grilled pineapple atop a bed of indian rice pilaf with currants and pine nuts (SO GOOD), accompanied by a mango salad with a sweet cilantro lime dressing. All made by mamma...the best chef ever! Loved every bite! My sister made snickers pie. I apparently deleted the one photo of me blowing out my candles. errrr

Saturday we took everyone downtown to the water. Don't be fooled by the sun, it was freezing outside so we weren't out there for long. Just long enough to check this 100 year old tug boat called the Sand Man. Braden loved being on a boat!

More playing on the floor with the boys! We did a lot of this all weekend long.
Did I really upload a pic with red eyes....too tired to change it.
Grandpa and Emmitt were having fun....well Emmitt was having fun laughing at Grandpa's faces.

Braden likes to stay in his church clothes, so this is him still in his church clothes.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Treats

We made quite a few treats this past weekend for some valentines fun....cupcakes with braden.

We had some buscuits and sausage gravy one morning for breakfast, I even turned the gravy pink for fun. Brian wasn't too sure about eating it cause of the color, come on think green eggs and ham, it tastes the same.
This where I found Braden at the end of our cupcake decorating.

We made Valentine cards for our family.
I made cookies for my cute little 4 year old primary clas

They loved their little treat bags! They are such fun energetic little kids.
Fun weekend!

Brian's 30th Birthday at the Waterfront

We spent the afternoon down by the waterfront in Olympia. Braden loved all the boats!

Braden pointing out jellyfish.
Never can get these two to look at the camera at the same time....at least I learned how.

Happy 30th Birthday Brian! What a sweet daddy you are!! Your boys love you.

Braden wasn't sure about this "mermaid robot"....
I must say I have one handsome little boy!
Timer photos...never seem to work out the best at least we made it in the photo.

Braden thought this fountain was the coolest.

Sweet lighting! Braden wasn't even worried about getting wet he just kept following the water...a little too close since his shoes ended up wet.
Now why couldn't I get him to do this at the spray park in the summer?

What blue eyes you have Emmitt! Mom, couldn't you have not taken a blurry picture.

Then we went to dinner as a family.

Happy Birthday Daddy! We love you so much!