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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Braden's Baby

Braden has a little baby that he last night decided to pack around with him everywhere. So I showed him how to wrap the baby up nice and tight to keep him warm. I have to say this was the best thing ever...he went right to bed SO HAPPY cause he was holding his baby. He said "night night mama" and went right to sleep...why didn't we find this baby sooner?? Below Braden rocked his baby to sleep and gave a cheese ball grin for my camera phone.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Produce Find

My friend Stephanie told me about this great way to buy produce through bountifulbaskets.org. ALL this produce for only $16.50!! It is great quality, now I know our family will be getting all the fruits and veggies we should be eating! Love FRESH produce!! Thanks Steph.

7 cucumbers
3 bundles of asparagus
2 bags of raddishs
1 head of cabbages
2 large bundles of celery
2 heads of leafy lettuce
1 acorn squash
1 carton of strawberries
1 6oz. carton of blueberries
7 kiwis
1 3lb. bag of apples
8 bananas

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Photo shoot with Braden

So a couple weeks ago Noelle and I set out to take a few photos of Braden. Being the good mom that I am......it was 11 degrees outside, nice huh. Braden did so well, he sat on that little chair no problem. We had to take a few breaks every 10 minutes or so to warm up in the car since his little fingers were ice cold. I am so happy with how they turned out...THANKS Noelle.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Braden's 2nd Birthday Party - Football what else?

For those of you who know Braden you know his favorite thing EVER is football. It might have had something to do with his dad, not sure. The first time Brian showed him the football and got him to say it, it just stuck. SO that became the theme for his party. I had a lot of fun planning it and thanks to my mom she helped me pull it all off.

She found the football mold so we could make a fun cake. We made a chocolate marble cake x2 with a buttercream filling. Putting the two halves together gave us the perfect football shape. We made 6 little footballs for all the kids, they were really cute...you can see a photo later in this post on Braden's plate.
We made some Braden half time treats: swedish meatballs, buffalo chicken, pigs in a blanket, veggies, chips, and dips. Took all day to make but was yummy and fun to eat.

Grammy and Kaylee
Braden running for food...a little blurry...err.

Love this smile!
Making fun music
So Braden only has girlfriends...and there are only girl cousins in our family. But I dont think he minds. Trying ot get 5 toddlers to look in the same direction, real fun. But they actual did all stay seated for a slit second.
Present time. This is Emrie, Braden's favorite little girlfriend. She was a big helper while Braden opened presents.
Emrie got him a little hoop, which he LOVES.

lots of new clothese from Grammy and Papa
The one thing that Brian wanted to get Braden was a basketball hoop. A little too big right now but he loves it. It just means that Brian or I have to help him anytime he wants to play "hoop hoop hoop."
Grandpa helping all the kids play

Braden was so excited when everyone started signing to him.
A little help from dad and the candle was out
You can see the cute little footballs. Braden loved his chocolate cake.

Thank you to everyone who came and helped celebrate Braden's 2nd birthday.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Grammy, Auntie Meg, and Kaylee visit

Thank you to Grammy (my mom), Auntie Meg, and Kaylee for coming to Idaho this past week to take care of Braden. I had to be out of town for work in Utah for a couple days so my mom and sister decided to make a trip out of it. Luckily this meant they would also be here for Braden's birthday party. The first night they were here Uncle Dav wanted to give Braden his present right away...little blue Van's...totally a david gift. David wanted a pic of them...Braden LOVED them, this kid really likes shoes, oh what have I done he is only two.

Braden was so happy to see his cousin Kaylee..they rode around on the bikes everyday! This is Braden trying to drive them both around.

Since I was headed to Utah everyone decided to make a trip of it. So while I went down with my friend and co-worker Jeanne to the Provo area, my family headed down to Ogden where both my Grandma and Aunt live. In Ogden there is a very cool little learning play center for kids down town by the temple...tree house learning center....There are about 30 different rooms where kids of all ages can dress up and explore the different themes. Included in each room are many books on the theme. Even 2 little toddlers can have a blast...oh and two moms. My aunt joined in the fun. I really wish I could have been here, but am glad they took so many photos of the fun they got to have.
little firefighters
good job mom and aunt peggy...they built that
doctor kaylee
ohhh it makes noise!
president lundholm
giant chess set
king braden
princess kaylee
sometimes i think i need to send braden to the moon...
they got to feed lambs and milk cows
I can't wait to go back here with Braden and Brian.

Happy Birthday Braden, TWO and we LOVE YOU!

Wow, two years just flew by and my little baby is such a little boy now! We love you Braden and are so grateful you were sent to our home. You came into this world with such a fun, entergetic, and determined spirit and we would not change any part of it. Every day we laugh and play more because of you, we hope that never changes. We cannot wait for you to be the big brother in our family, we know you will lead the way for your brothers and sisters.
Love Mamma and Daddy