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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Grammy, Auntie Meg, and Kaylee visit

Thank you to Grammy (my mom), Auntie Meg, and Kaylee for coming to Idaho this past week to take care of Braden. I had to be out of town for work in Utah for a couple days so my mom and sister decided to make a trip out of it. Luckily this meant they would also be here for Braden's birthday party. The first night they were here Uncle Dav wanted to give Braden his present right away...little blue Van's...totally a david gift. David wanted a pic of them...Braden LOVED them, this kid really likes shoes, oh what have I done he is only two.

Braden was so happy to see his cousin Kaylee..they rode around on the bikes everyday! This is Braden trying to drive them both around.

Since I was headed to Utah everyone decided to make a trip of it. So while I went down with my friend and co-worker Jeanne to the Provo area, my family headed down to Ogden where both my Grandma and Aunt live. In Ogden there is a very cool little learning play center for kids down town by the temple...tree house learning center....There are about 30 different rooms where kids of all ages can dress up and explore the different themes. Included in each room are many books on the theme. Even 2 little toddlers can have a blast...oh and two moms. My aunt joined in the fun. I really wish I could have been here, but am glad they took so many photos of the fun they got to have.
little firefighters
good job mom and aunt peggy...they built that
doctor kaylee
ohhh it makes noise!
president lundholm
giant chess set
king braden
princess kaylee
sometimes i think i need to send braden to the moon...
they got to feed lambs and milk cows
I can't wait to go back here with Braden and Brian.

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