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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Braden

This year we did things a little different for Braden's Birthday. Usually we do a themed party (well I guess he's only had two birthdays before this one) with a lot of food that ties into that theme, since I love to throw parties with great food....however, this year we hopped aboard the thomas train and went with a good old pizza party. Braden loves Thomas and any train he sees. So my sister and I made a Thomas cake. We just enjoyed dinner, cake, and presents with our family at Round Table this year.
I don't think this kid held still all night....pretty sure all pics of Braden there is some form of blurry motion, errr. You would think someone who didn't know what they were doing was behind this camera tonight, but no it was me...sad to admit that one.

Tonight Emmitt enjoyed pretty much everything we ate. He was loving my peas, olives, eggs, and chicken from my salad.

Pretty sure I got Meg with a mouthful, sorry!

So hungry she goes for the plate.

This is David's girlfriend Megan, she's a sweetie.

When Auntie Meg asked Braden what he wanted for his birthday he said, a dinasour, then he added that he wanted Rex.

So Emmitt really continued enjoyed his food tonight, while I was helping with Braden's presents I turn around to see this....Emmitt had grabbed my plate and threw the pizza on the floor and started chompin down on my bread stick. Remember now, he only has two teeth...he acts like he has a mouthful, that's my boy....takes after his mamma, he loves food.

Braden was a little intense in the candles blowing out, kind of like a rocker at a concert. He was so cute when we were all singing to him, with a smile from ear to ear.

Papa and Grammy got him this sweeet skooter complete with helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves! He rode it all over the house, in the garage and driveway when we got home.
Reading Braden's new Thomas book.
Emmitt is always so serious in front of the camera, not sure why cause tonight he was so happy! He has been giggling all evening.

We sure love you Braden and are so grateful to have you in our family. You bring so much joy to our family! We are proud of the big brother you are and how sweet you are with your little brother (most of the time). We are so happy that you were sent to our home!
Happy 3rd Birthday!!