What's been going on with the Lundholms...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 6th...admitted to the NICU

So the last thing you want to hear when you have just had a new sweet little baby and you are recovering from delivery is...."we are admitting your baby to the NICU." I got to hear those words with Emmitt. Sunday afternoon the nurse said he just is not looking great and we need to monitor him more closely, I will have the doctor come in and visit with you. So the nurse leaves and I burst into tears. Not sure what is wrong with my baby but he is being taken into the NICU and I can visit him anytime but he won't be coming back into your room until he is better.

So we went down there to see him and got all the rules like: only two visitors at a time, if you are not one of the parents you must be accompanied by one, non parents can only visit after 1pm. Wash, wash, wash your hands. :) So what they know so far, his digestive system appears to be working a little backwards. He is spitting up green stuff which means it is going the wrong direstion. His intestines are pushing it the wrong way! Otherwise everything else appears to be perfect. So because of this they will not let him eat. He gets sugars and salts to keep him stable....that is basically what his little IV mixture is.
You can see the little IV in his head, he had kicked out the one in his foot and the ones in their head seem to stay in a lot better since they wiggle so much. They just don't look very good. SO he had a few tubes we had to watch for....1. IV in head so they could feed him, 2. NG tube this was so they could suck out air and bad fluids from his tummy, 3. 2 little monitors for his heatrate and breathing, 4. cuff around his foot for his blood pressure, 5. cord to monitor tempature he had his own personal tempature control bed. Later he ended up having a little high flow tube...help rest his lungs, it just kept his lunges expanded so he didn't have to work so hard to breath. So you can imagine how fun it was to hold him with all these cords...we always got them all tangled up....pet peeve of the nurses tangled cords so they would fix it all for us.
Thank you to Grammy for being here with us. I have no idea how we would have done it without her! She stayed with Braden while I was still in the hospital so Brian could be here with me and Emmitt.
They also asked me to move to the 4th floor because the delivery floor was getting full....if they ever ask me to do this again I will say NO! Not a good experience! Those nurses are not anything like the nurses that take care of new mommies and when you are recovering from labor you need nurses that know what they are doing. Plus there was a shower on the floor, not in your room..ANNOYING! Thank goodness I was only on the ped level for one night, but that was one night too long.
Brian and I continued to visit every three hours.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 5, 2010

Saturday, June 5th...We went to bed about 1am that night and as Brian quickly fell asleep as per usual, as I lay there unable to fall asleep because of the contractions that were seeming to be more consistent about every 30-20minutes, then as the clock ticked by they were quickly 10 minutes apart, then 7, then about 5 minutes...I think. About 2:30am I decided it might be time to wake Brian up from his restful night sleep. Soon as he was coherent he was in a very quick scurry around our room to get dressed. I have never seen him wake up so quickly. By now I was sure they were 5 minutes apart and we were out the door just after I let my know we were going to the hospital...yay today would be the day.
As we arrived to the emergency room they got me the most ginormous wheelchair I ever saw...then up to the second floor and time to check in...I mean I am in painful contractions by this time about 3minutes apart and they want me to give information and sign papers, I am pretty sure I remember Brian taking care of this the first time around. And they wanted to weight me....weird!
So we get into our room and I was already to a 6, she said it is a good thing you didn't wait longer or there would have been no epidural option....thank you for the miracle of drugs! Although, it took almost another hour to have it in, it was worth it. By now it was probably about 5:30am...now I got to rest while I felt no contractions and finished dilating. By about 6:30am they said I was a 9 and it should be soon. Just after 7am I was to the magic number 10...but baby had not quite gotten low enough. So they sat me up to help him out. This is where it slowed down a little, I was just waiting for him to get lower for about the next hour when she said let's do some practice pushes. Less than 30 minutes later our little boy made is entrance!
Welcome Emmitt Brian Lundholm!!
Weighing in at 7lbs. 5 oz. and 21 1/4inches long he arrived at 8:47am on June 5th.
Those are some long feet litte guy! So he has more hair then Braden did but it is a lot lighter in color...still trying to figure out what color it is. Kind of a light brown, but Brian is confinced that he is going to have red hair or stawberry blonde like mine. Guess we will see. Braden was born with dark brown hair and it went blonde pretty quickly.

Proud DAD!

Later that day my mom brought Braden up to meet his new little brother. He had been calling my tummy baby Emmitt for a little while but we both wondered what he was thinking when was holding this new little baby. He at first seemed a little shy and unsure about it all...
but he quickly welcomed him with lots of kisses....this kid sure is loving a little too loving with all the hugs and kisses.

Grammy with both of her grandsons.

Our family!! Not sure why we ever take photos right after having a baby....not my prettiest moment but sure a special one. More photos to come of our next 6 days at the hospital.

June 1st....Mamma arrives

So June 1st has arrived and no baby yet.....
My mom also arrived....a day early. So she thought she was flying on Tuesday, June 2nd...but June 2nd is on Wednesday. So when she arrived at the air port on Tuesday, June 1st she was a little surprised by the ticket that said Wednesday. Haha. The people at the airport said it happens all the time. So she flew anyways! One more day with us, ya!
A big thank you to my mom for all the help she was over the next few days....She cooked, cleaned, did laundry, played with Braden, kept me company, and was just here!! It was great. So now June 2nd, Wednesday night I started feeling really sick....like major vomiting sick. I thought yay maybe the baby is on its way. BUT NO.
Thursday, June 3rd...contractions all day long...just little ones that made no sense timing wise.
Friday, June 4th...more contractions and this time they hurt but are not time able. So my mom says Brian you and Lindsey go out and I will watch Braden. So we go to a movie...Robin Hood. Painful contracts in parking lot to movie, 3 bad ones during movie, come home more painful ones more often. HMMM....still not regular. So what do we do when we get home watch another movie with my mom....so bed time umm about 1am. NOT a good idea tonight. Hopefully baby comes soon. Since by this point sleeping is miserable.

The waiting game.....

Now that we have moved we get to unpack and get ready for the lil bebe to arrive. I have three weeks to focus on "being pregnant" and getting ready...well three weeks until my due date that is. Braden came 11 days early so hopefully this little one can stay in there a little longer.
We were able to get all unpacked pretty quickly, but we were exhausted every night for the next week.
Baby's room is ready to go! His little bed in our room is up too...I fully support moving babies into their own room right away but the first month they eat so dang often that he will be in our room for a little bit.
So now we just wait...I have all my flowers planted and they are looking good (this was my mother's day present)....the weekend we moved, happy mother's day, ha! That's alright.
My mom will be coming in on June 2nd to help out, so we aren't sure when the baby will arrive so hopefully we planned a good week for her to come the 2nd through the 9th.
Still committing to a name...hmmm....guess will let you all know once he comes out!

We've moved.....May 15th

May 15th we official completed our move to Twin Falls. A huge thanks to everyone who helped load our moving truck in Rexburg, to Jared and Brooke for driving to Twin with us and to those who helped unload in Twin.
Brian's parents came for a visit just after we moved. We went to Shoshone Falls while they were here. Thanks for playing with Braden, he loves his Grandma and Grandpa.

Playing catch up........Moving to Twin Falls

So for the past month (this is me catching up...so this is the month of April) I have been preparing for our move to Twin Falls, finally! Brian has been working down there since January and we were able to rent our townhome to Melissa, Brian's sister and her soon to be husband after they get married in May.
So...after giving my boss in Seattle a two month notice, it is offical we will be moving May 14th which will also be my last day working :( and Melissa and Logan's wedding day. A busy day.
Well actually we are going to move most of our stuff out the 8th of May and then I will stay in our townhome for my last week of work and that way Melissa and Logan can move their stuff in before they get married.
We are really excited to live as a family again....since Brian will have been in Twin for 150 days and me in Rexburg. Since I have Braden, work and am 8 months pregnant I will be glad to have him home in the week.
So I have not really blogged about the pregnancy so here is my blerb on that part of our lives....the first half i was super sick the whole time, like the first time around. The second half I have not really had time to focus on being pregnant...since Brian pretty much missed the last four months of this pregnancy, and I have been so focused on work and the up coming transition, taking care of Braden on my own, cleaning out our house, packing, moving, and quiting a job I love....I am not sure where I had room to "be pregnant." I guess that made it go by quite quickly. I feel a lot better the second half as long as I take my nausea medicine at night. If not I would have gotten sick every day of this pregancy. NO complaining those of you who never get sick! I love zolfran..it is my miracle pill.
So I record of weight gain since this is the happy note to my pregnancy....I only gained 15 pounds by week 30. But the weight gain has increased rapidly the last part...I can tell the swelling has begun. This is much different than my first pregnancy where I gained way too much weight. I give credit to learning my lesson the first time around with what I eat and to packing Braden around...lugging around 26 pounds helps I think....or just running after him when we play he kept me moving when I didn't think I had any energy to do so. So that about sums it up to this point!
So let the moving begin.

Braden and Latex....

So I learned that Braden is allergic to latex or at least to latex gloves....
I got a call from his pre-school teacher that he was swelling up a little and I might need to take him to the doctor. What started out as a little swelling on his arm, by the time I got there was on both arms. By the time I got him to the doctor it was all over his arms, legs, and bum. At first we weren't sure what this was, but his teacher said the only thing different today is she was using different gloves when changing diapers...that explains the location of all the swelling it was exactly where she would have touched while changing him and lifting him down from the changing table. Luckily we figured it our right away and I took him straight to the doc....where he got a steroid shot which worked quite quickly. Before the shot Braden didn't even seem to care that he had giant welts all over him. He did not love the shot. I tried photographing this but he wasn't holding still. But it was like massive red and white welts everywhere. Fortunately he didn't digest any of this or we would have had way bigger problems like not breathing. Brian was in Twin Falls when this happened so that was my main reason in getting a pic to show him. It looked a lot worse than this photo shows because they were all puffy. So now I just need to keep benadryl around.

Monday, June 21, 2010


This year we went to Twin Falls for Easter and stayed with the Cook family, the great family that Brian has been living with down in Twin Falls. There Braden got to have a little Easter egg hunt and find his basket...filled with candy, coloring books, crayons, and a summer outfit.
Braden had fun playing with Skyler their 9 year old son. He found some fabulous glasses!

Braden got really good at finding the eggs!
This year Brian picked out Braden's Easter outfit so we matched the purple theme. Brian was not thrilled about wearing a purple shirt....but he did thanks! Of course when we went to church that week he got loads of compliments on his outfit and there were about five other guys there with a purple shirt on and more with purple ties...guess that was the color to wear this Easter.

We attempted a family photo outside the Temple...using a timer on my camera. OF course everything but us is in focus....and this is why you always take more than one photo and check it before you leave. At least we are all smiling :)