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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Playing catch up........Moving to Twin Falls

So for the past month (this is me catching up...so this is the month of April) I have been preparing for our move to Twin Falls, finally! Brian has been working down there since January and we were able to rent our townhome to Melissa, Brian's sister and her soon to be husband after they get married in May.
So...after giving my boss in Seattle a two month notice, it is offical we will be moving May 14th which will also be my last day working :( and Melissa and Logan's wedding day. A busy day.
Well actually we are going to move most of our stuff out the 8th of May and then I will stay in our townhome for my last week of work and that way Melissa and Logan can move their stuff in before they get married.
We are really excited to live as a family again....since Brian will have been in Twin for 150 days and me in Rexburg. Since I have Braden, work and am 8 months pregnant I will be glad to have him home in the week.
So I have not really blogged about the pregnancy so here is my blerb on that part of our lives....the first half i was super sick the whole time, like the first time around. The second half I have not really had time to focus on being pregnant...since Brian pretty much missed the last four months of this pregnancy, and I have been so focused on work and the up coming transition, taking care of Braden on my own, cleaning out our house, packing, moving, and quiting a job I love....I am not sure where I had room to "be pregnant." I guess that made it go by quite quickly. I feel a lot better the second half as long as I take my nausea medicine at night. If not I would have gotten sick every day of this pregancy. NO complaining those of you who never get sick! I love zolfran..it is my miracle pill.
So I record of weight gain since this is the happy note to my pregnancy....I only gained 15 pounds by week 30. But the weight gain has increased rapidly the last part...I can tell the swelling has begun. This is much different than my first pregnancy where I gained way too much weight. I give credit to learning my lesson the first time around with what I eat and to packing Braden around...lugging around 26 pounds helps I think....or just running after him when we play he kept me moving when I didn't think I had any energy to do so. So that about sums it up to this point!
So let the moving begin.

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