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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reading time

Braden likes to teach Emmitt new things....so today Emmitt learned to read.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lattin's Cider Mill With The Boys

On Saturday, June 5th we went to this cute little place called Lattin's Cider Mill. On the weekends they sell fresh homemade apple fritters. YUM! They also sell produce and meat that they have grown and raised right there on the farm. To start off Braden went straight for the john deer bike. There were lots of little bikes and 50 cent rides the kids could go on. After Braden rode around for a while we we off to the animals. For 60 cents you can buy a bag of food to feed the animals. We mainly fed the goats, that was a little crazy cause the big mamma goat about ripped the bag out of my hand and trampled her babies just to get to the food. I guess was one hungry nursing mamma. Too bad I didn't get a photo of that, but she probably would have eaten my camera. Braden was a little afraid of the goats since she was being I little aggressive. However, he loved the chickens, pigs, ducks, bunnies, cows, and the many birds.

Taking a little doughnut and milk break.

Those were a lot of teenage chickens...not the prettiest stage of life.
This peacock was great! He sure was showing off and making a lot of noise!

I have never seen one so close with its feathers all out, pretty cool.
Emmitt loved the pig, I was hoping pigs don't bite since he was sticking his little fingers in the cage. Emmitt is such a sweet little boy, I just love him so much!!
He is just so adorable! Love his sweet face in this picture. Me on the other hand, I think I was laughing at Brian who was taking the photos...not sure what Brian was doing to be so funny.
Emmitt loving his Mamma! Well, I think he was actually just getting a little tired.
Trying to keep Emmitt from eating dirt while Braden was climbing the tree behind us.
We will most certainly be back to Lattin's again soon.

1 Year Photos With Emmitt

Here is my super handsome little boy Emmitt, wow, he's one!
Emmitt is sometimes very serious so we get a lot of looks like this one.
Braden was a great little helper for our pictures, he is the the one that can always get Emmitt to smile. Emmitt loves his big brother so much even when Braden picks on him.

Yummm let's eat some bark.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

HappY BiRthDaY Emmitt!!

Today I couldn't help but remember the birth of our little Emmitt, the week he spent in the NICU felt like forever in that moment. Today I look back and think how blessed I am it was only a week and that we have a happy healthy little one year old boy. Here are a few pictures of our past year with Emmitt.
Very happy mamma to take our Emmitt home after holding him all week with so many tubes coming out of him, now he is tube free.

He has such pretty lips...guess he got those from me :)
Well he didn't stay tiny for very long, he turned into our little chunky baby for a while.

Braden just loves him!

Finally moving around helped to thin hi out a bit....and you can totally see how much his face shape looks like Braden's and Brian's, even if the rest of him looks more like me.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!! We love you!

May 2011

So the month of May was still a little chilly here in WA...and the kids wanted to play outside. Since we were at Meg's all our options were pink. Braden didn't mind, hey he is only three.
Cute little Emmitt.
Braden gathering all the teaspoons for his "work belt."
Braden is adding spoons to my belt too.
He is wearing the little apron I wore when I was his age. Love it!
But since Braden doesn't like things touching his neck we fold the front down, plus this is more manly. The following pictures were taken by Braden, the world at his height.

Papa came over one Saturday to build us a garden box and he did a little lawn make over. I will have to post more pictures of the finished product later.
Braden was Papa's little helper, handing him the screws he needed. Soon as Papa got out his drill Braden says, "I'll be right back I need to get my tools." What a boy.

Emmitt enjoying the outdoors!
Braden loves climbing this rock at the park.
One weekend we went out with Grammy to Watson's for some flowers...we had to make a little pit stop to the Worthen's so my mom could stitch up Dr. Worthen's finger. So we played outside.