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Sunday, June 5, 2011

HappY BiRthDaY Emmitt!!

Today I couldn't help but remember the birth of our little Emmitt, the week he spent in the NICU felt like forever in that moment. Today I look back and think how blessed I am it was only a week and that we have a happy healthy little one year old boy. Here are a few pictures of our past year with Emmitt.
Very happy mamma to take our Emmitt home after holding him all week with so many tubes coming out of him, now he is tube free.

He has such pretty lips...guess he got those from me :)
Well he didn't stay tiny for very long, he turned into our little chunky baby for a while.

Braden just loves him!

Finally moving around helped to thin hi out a bit....and you can totally see how much his face shape looks like Braden's and Brian's, even if the rest of him looks more like me.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!! We love you!


Linda said...

Holy Cow! Has it really been a year already!? What an adorable baby boy! It was fun to see pictures of him from birth until now! Happy Birthday Emmitt!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday EmmitT! I can't believe he is one already! He is such a cutie!

Is that you with red hair and bangs?! I love it!

Matt and Michelle said...

He is so cute! You have adorable children. Wanna share? :) I miss you all!!

Coleman Family said...

He is beyond scrumptious!!!! Happy Birthday Emmitt!