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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

At Grandma and Grandpa Lundholm's House for Christmas 2011!
We did a lot of playing in the four days we were there. Braden did LOTS of puzzels, played a little Mario with Grandma and Daddy, read book, and played the piano.
Grandpa and Braden playin
This year's country was Ireland so we enjoyed some yummy dishes native to the country and learned about their holiday traditions. We also dressed up as the nativity and read the story of Christ's birth. Will insert those photos when I get them. We opened presents that night with all the family, sang christmas carols, and put on our christmas jammies.
Then Chritmas morning we opened a few gifts before we went to church and got to hear Grandma and Grandpa in the choir.

Great Grandma and Uncle Larry came too!
Elle in the new dress Braden got her.
Auntie Brooke and Great Grandma
Emmitt and Great Uncle Larry became instant buddies!
Singing 'round the piano...we really need our own music books so we aren't all squinting at the music....guess we should know all the words by now....
Merry Christmas Eve!!
Future Piano Duo
Christmas Morning Aunt Jessica had to wake Braden up and then they came in and got Brian and I and then we got Emmitt....so he was a little sleepy while looking in his stocking to see what Santa had brought. He woke up as soon as there were packages to open!

Playing candy land with aunt jessica
Grateful we could spend time with our family in Idaho!
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Heading to Idaho

6 am and we are off to Idaho! Guess it was too early for Braden to open his eyes, LOL.
Braden and Emmitt did a pretty good job on our 13 hour drive! Braden loved his new car activities and his tin full of his very own snacks!
Shoes off of course, Emmitt takes his shoes and socks off immediately every time we get in the car. We made four stops on the way and each time I had to find his socks and shoes amongst all the treats and toys that kept him happy this was nearly impossible and I think each time he did a better job of hiding them.
We made it safely to Grandma and Grandpa's house Wednesday night! Let the fun begin!

Christmas Party

Since we are going to Idaho for Christmas this year we had a Christmas Party with my family a week before. Uncle Kevin and Uncle Dav got all the kids new pjs. We enjoyed opening presents and ate Sue's Burritos (our family's traditional holiday get together always involved Mexican food, my grandma always made these burritos, with lots of yummy toppings).
Emmitt is eating some of the yummy cake Auntie Meg made.
We had the boys open a few of the presents we got them early since we couldn't fit all of them in the car. Braden got a new bike! Emmitt got Mr. Potato head which he thinks is so funny. I got some super cute boots! Which I will wear in our family photos in case you would like to see them.

Boys love the library

I love the children's section of the library there is so much to do other than read books! Emmitt loved the computer, the blocks, the puzzels, and climbing on the chairs. Braden and I found a lot of good books this time! He couldn't wait to get home and read them all!

Fire station

We took a field trip to the fire station for preschool.
All the kids listened very carefully while the firemen taught them about the truck and what kind of gear they wear. Even Emmitt listed carefully!

Emmitt also loved the tires...guess I would too if they were as big as me.

The fireman were good about telling the kids that he would look a little different with his mask on but that it helped him when he was in a fire. Braden got a little nervous but was ok once he took it off.
The best part, climbing inside the truck!

Emmitt even got to climb inside

Braden and Emmitt were really excited to wear the hat. Emmitt was so funny cause as soon as the fireman put the hat on his head he got very serious. Of course it probably felt really heavy. We enjoyed the fire department. Next the boys and I were off to the library!

Christmas Tree

Now that we are back in the great northwest we decided we should defiantly have a real Christmas tree this year. First one that we have had!! So we set out to find the best one, Braden spotted a perfect noble for us and so Brian cut it down and we took it home! I also got all new ornaments for this tree I will add the finished product soon!


During November Grandma and Aunt Jessica came to see us, I think Grandma took all the photos, guess I'll have to get a copy of those....but for now here are a few random daily events at our house this month. Emmitt, Braden, and Brian can often be found playing Mario.
One of Emmitt's daily activities is to empty the pantry and all my kitchen cupboards.
This month Emmitt's vocabulary has tripled! Here he is pointing out the lights, one of his favorite words and things to point at.
The boys both love climbing into any kind of box....braden is showing Emmitt how it is done.
This month also began Braden's photography fun. He took a great picture of Emmitt and I. Better than his usual up close shots or pics of the walls I must say.
Emmitt started hanging from the stair rail so Braden had to show him up of course.

A few more of Braden's shots.