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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fire station

We took a field trip to the fire station for preschool.
All the kids listened very carefully while the firemen taught them about the truck and what kind of gear they wear. Even Emmitt listed carefully!

Emmitt also loved the tires...guess I would too if they were as big as me.

The fireman were good about telling the kids that he would look a little different with his mask on but that it helped him when he was in a fire. Braden got a little nervous but was ok once he took it off.
The best part, climbing inside the truck!

Emmitt even got to climb inside

Braden and Emmitt were really excited to wear the hat. Emmitt was so funny cause as soon as the fireman put the hat on his head he got very serious. Of course it probably felt really heavy. We enjoyed the fire department. Next the boys and I were off to the library!

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