What's been going on with the Lundholms...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Swimming in my new shorts...

The boys wanted to go swimming Saturday so after Brian, Braden and I got back from grocery shopping they suited for the pool. We got Braden the cutest shorts and surf shirt for the spray park this summer; however, we pullled it out a little early.....so instead of shorts they kind of look like capris. At first Braden hated the water, it was a little cold..not quite his normal bath water. So I held him as he watched Daddy and Uncle David play in the water, then he decided the pool was a good idea and I was able to give it a second chance. Then he like playing with balls and water toys. Afterwards we took him out and he was freezing, but I had to get one more photo of him in his little shorts without the shirt, he was shivering!

Family Easter Photos

Coloring Eggs and Frosting Cookies

David made sure we didn't forget any family traditions this year for Easter, we made sure to get in some egg coloring. Even Braden joined in. We also frosted sugar cookies and took some to our friends. The day was filled with cooking, I also made lemon bars, and Chicken Kiev for dinner, yum, thanks mom for the good recipe. This was our last day to hang out with David so we tried to fill it with fun family activities. We even took some family photos, which I will post in a seperate post.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Egg Hunt

The Millet family invited Braden and I to join their egg hunt on Saturday morning....dad was helping Jeanne move into her new apartment.
Braden did really well finding eggs...and he did even better eating what was inside of them. He even found an egg with a dollar in it, we will add that to his bank account. I can't believe how big Braden is getting just last Easter he was only 3 weeks old and was too little for his easter outfit.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Selling the Truck

So boys certianly like playing in the dirt no matter what age. This is Braden eating a dirt clump. He is fascinated with dirt, rocks, leaves, anything he can pick up outside. To the right is Brian and Braden exploring outside and checking out the signs.
Braden also helped Uncle David clean out his car so he can pack it up to take off to Washington...only 7 days left with Uncle David. :(

So after much debate....and going back and forth a hundred times, we have decided to put our truck up for sale. We are going to get another car instead with a lower payment and better gas millage. So today we cleaned out the inside show it will be ready to show...we haev had three interested buyers already and we just posted it on Friday.

Conference Weekend

What a wonderful weekend full of uplifting messages from our church leaders! We enjoyed the Saturday sessions at our home, then Brian and David went to the priesthood session while Braden and I vacuumed the house. Well, we tried to...but I discovered my vacuum needed replacing. So we ran to the store and picked up another one.

Sunday morning we enjoyed a yummy breakfast and watched the first Sunday session at home. We then traveled out to Brian's parent's house for lunch and to watch the final session of conference. All the sessions were so great as usual!! We discussed the many things we took away from this weekend: temple attendance, personal prayer, the atonement, faith in the future, member missionary work, and more. We all have things to work on now and to put into practice until we meet again in October.

After conference we attempted to fly some kites out in the field. Surprisingly for Idaho the wind was quite mild, making our kite flying less than successful. We got a few fun photos of the day and even one of Braden after the long day was over as he slept on our way home.

Later than evening when we got home we thought a BBQ would be fun...the sun is finally starting to show itself here in Rexburg. As you can see from our photo there was still snow on the ground...in April.