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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

4 kids, 2 moms, and 1 uncle

SO on Monday, November 8th we set out in Meg's sweeet mini van, just 4 kids, 2 moms, and 1 uncle dav. Megan was our first driver for our 10 hour expidition to Twin Falls. We all had a pretty good time and thanks to movies, lots of snacks, and a few toys we kept Kaylee and Braden occupied and the babies did pretty well eating and sleeping a lot.
We took shifts driving and rotated tending to the babies in the back.

Can you see Braden holding Kaylee's hand? This was a frequent uccurance on our little drive.

I think we got everyone in this shot.
I will be posting pics of our fun in Twin.
A big thanks to my sis and bro for coming and helping me pack up our house while Brian was gone at work back in Washington.

Playing at Grams and Papa's

We spent the week of Halloween at Grammy's and Papa's...We raked lots of leaves, played with lots of toys, and had lots of fun. Papa playing with the both boys below and Braden sporting Uncle Dav's hat above....
We then packed a small bag to head back to Idaho to pack up our home to move to WA. We took a few other people with us on our journey back, more to come on the adventures of 4 kids, 2 moms, and 1 uncle.

Scallops in a Butternut Squash Creme'

A touch of spring and fall on our plates....since we had beautiful blooming flowers and tons of falling leaves in the backyard.
We enjoyed a lovely meal at my mom's house while were there a week ago...First we started off with my moms french onion soup (many hourse are spent making the real thing! thanks mom) it was fabulous, with giant homemade croutons.

Then we moved onto our main course of fresh scallops YUM! over a puree of butternut squash, topped with a most delious butter, garlic glaze, and other yumminess. This meal was AMAZING
Followed by pumpkin pie....didn't picture that opps.
My mom is one incredible chef!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Emmitt is 5 months

Emmitt is 5 months.
Weighing 17lbs...my big boy!
Look at those cheeks!!
He is such a HAPPY boy, we love you Emmitt! Emmitt is such a happy, good baby, he is so much fun and we are so grateful for a calm sweet baby. He is working on sitting up and going pretty well; however, he cannot roll over on his own yet probably that big belly, lol.
Love you Emmitt!!!

More Halloween Activities 2010

Grammy took Braden to Uncle David's work for a little treat while we were house hunting.

Grammy, Mommy, and Braden carved pumpkins. Braden was totally grossed out by the pumpkin guts. But he sure liked the pumpkins when they were glowing outside.

Consentratration while I cut out my own design.

Emmitt helping out by cheering us on with his baby squeels.
Grammy's pumpkin

Braden's and Mommy's pumpk

Halloween 2010

On Saturday, we went to my parents ward halloween carnival. Braden enjoyed playing games and trick or treating with Kaylee. We all went as pirates, Kaylee as little red riding hood, emma a bee, lance a pirate and meg as tink.

One of Braden's favorite games of the night were to race the cars.

His hat was a little huge...

This is Braden bowling, such consentration.

Halloween Party

After being in Washington we came home for a week and and attended our our ward Halloween Party. Brian was a football player, and as pictured above Emmitt was a bat, Braden a monkey, and I was Tinker Bell. Braden got to trick or treat and he thought that was pretty fun.
While Brian went back to work in Washington we stayed in Twin and got our bags packed again and get our hourse in order to head back to Washington.
During the week I kept busy with Relief Society activity, Jewelry Party, making hair bows, photographing some cute girls. It was a fun week!
Sadly, it was the last week to see my dear friend Nicole, who went to see family for the month of November. So we said our goodbyes, since I won't get to see her and her girls again before we move. A few pics of her girls will be posted shortly. Thank you Nicole for being the biggest blessing to me in Twin Falls, I am so grateful for a friend like you! Hope to see you again soon. I learned so much from you! And not just hair bows and canning....lol. Love you and your family!!

Our photo shoot

Braden thought it was pretty cool that teh camera had a timer so we posed...and he then took the photo of me below. Pretty good for a two year old huh.
So serious...
What a pose.

He started getting a little carried away with the rocks so we didn't get very many today.