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Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Party

After being in Washington we came home for a week and and attended our our ward Halloween Party. Brian was a football player, and as pictured above Emmitt was a bat, Braden a monkey, and I was Tinker Bell. Braden got to trick or treat and he thought that was pretty fun.
While Brian went back to work in Washington we stayed in Twin and got our bags packed again and get our hourse in order to head back to Washington.
During the week I kept busy with Relief Society activity, Jewelry Party, making hair bows, photographing some cute girls. It was a fun week!
Sadly, it was the last week to see my dear friend Nicole, who went to see family for the month of November. So we said our goodbyes, since I won't get to see her and her girls again before we move. A few pics of her girls will be posted shortly. Thank you Nicole for being the biggest blessing to me in Twin Falls, I am so grateful for a friend like you! Hope to see you again soon. I learned so much from you! And not just hair bows and canning....lol. Love you and your family!!

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