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Sunday, February 28, 2010

SNOW day!

Brian had President's Day off at work so I took a vacation day and we spent it together! We started off my running to the mall for a few sale items. Braden wanted to take a ride on the toys there, but he got a little nervous so the ride ended a little early.
We then headed out to Terreton to meet up with Brian's brother Jared and his family. We ate at the Pizza shop in Terreton...so many options out there. haha. After bundling up we went outside to "play" in the snow....Braden is terrified of snow, so this was going to be a challenge. Being the mean mom that I am I made Braden play in it anyways...maybe he will get over his fear one day.
We pretty much had to carry him anywhere there was snow...which was everywhere.

OH here is a patch of brown grass...see the happy face now.

We took him on a few rides on the sled, thanks to Jared for pulling us around.

We finally got a laugh out of him at the end of this ride, yeah! Success!
Trying to teach Braden how to make a snow angel, showing him the snow is ok to be in
In the summer he liked riding on the 4wheeler so we thought this would be a good alternative to the snow angel making....we were wrong. Braden bawled the whole way....working on his whimpy side.
He did however, enjoy the swing!

Uncle Brian made a snow fort with Ashlyn and they had a little snow ball war with each other.
After a day in the snow we went in and enjoyed visiting while all the kids ran around playing. Good SNOW day!

Happy Valentine's Birthday

So our Valentine's weekend was full of fun! It started off with a delivery of flowers to my work on Friday...since Brian was still in Twin Falls. Thanks, I love love flowers! Then Saturday morning I got a couple hours out all on my own! To finish up some valentine shopping and get a few things for Braden's party in a couple weeks. As much as a love both of my boys, it was nice to have some time on my own. That night Brian had plans for our night out which I didn't know until we left. Thanks to Brian's mom for coming over and watching Braden for the night. Brian had reservations for us at The Cellar. Love that place. We enjoyed a very nice dinner and had time to talk in person that is! We were going to go to a movie but remembered our special stake meeting with Elder Cook early the next morning, so we decided not to stay out too late. Still a very good night. Love you Brian thanks for fun night out, Happy Valentine's Day.
Since my birthday always is on Valentines's Day I am trying to balance letting Brian take care of the day and me wanting to do the same for him and Braden. So we just did it together. We had a really nice breakfast speedracer style as we hurried to our early church meetings. After church Braden and I made sugar cookies and this is the one we made for Daddy.
Braden was very happy that today's activities involved cookies!

We did things a little backwards and had my birthday cake first. I got to take a little afternoon nap, yeah for naps. While doing so Brian made me a pineapple upsidedown cake. SO sweet, but SO funny that this was the cake he picked out to make, especially since I don't think I have ever made or eaten one. It was so good though, nice work Brian!

Should have really fixed myself up for this photo....like I said I had just taken a nap. Braden helped once again with the blowing out of the candles.

IF you can't tell that is two candles and then six candles...for 26, not for 8. haha
After cake we started making dinner. For our special valentines meal we made coconut shrimp, and steak. The shrimp was awesome, thanks for the recipe mom.
Thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes today!
To my family: I love you all!

Brian's Birthday....29

Happy Birthday Brian! We both love you!!
Braden and I decided to surprise Brian for his birthday by driving down to Twin Falls and stopping into his work at the end of the day. This was a complete surprise to him since he had planned on spending the night by himself. Braden went running into his office with balloons and Brian was like...what. He was really glad to see us.
We went back to his hotel room and got ready to go out and celebrate the big 29. We ate at Johnny Carino's and then spent a little time in the pool.

Braden had to get use to the water not being as warm as the bath tub, he did pretty good...but we are going to have to keep working on it. And yes...me in a swim suit at 24 weeks, glad no one else was in that pool.

After we got dried off we enjoyed a little birthday singing and yummy pie. This was a new one for us....a frozen cream cheese, cool whip, strawberry situation. It was fun to make and eat.

Braden helped dad blow out ALL those candles.

We stayed the night there with Brian and then headed back to Rexburg in the morning.
We were very glad to be with Brian on his birthday. Love you!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

23 Months - February 2nd

So Braden and I tried one morning to take our own photo....it took about 20 tries. Hitting the button when he said "cheese" and not after, getting our faces in the screen without looking through the view finder, and keeping Braden from grabbing the camera. The top one was the best I think, but you can see we started out having a little trouble. I love this cute boy, he is my favorite!!

SO Braden is almost 2 years old, wow! Working on a few things to help him "grow up." So I am publicly admitting to giving my son a bottle at nap and bed time...STILL. It was just so easy, he was the greatest sleeper as a toddler! So we are a few days into this and it is going quite well, yeah. I was worried for nothing. Mainly my reason is that I work 40+ hours a week and am not home with Braden in the day time and I never wanted my babysitters to have to go through this transition.

Next step...toddler bed. Have it. Tried it. Went back to crib. Will try again after no bottle sinks in. Never try these two together, dah!

But I am happy to report I have never had to break any other bad habbits like the pacifier (luckily braden never would take one), stuffed animal, or really anything else...just the dang bottle.

Townhome for Sale/Rent

2 bed/1.5 bath Square Feet: 1160 Year Built: 2007

Townhome located in the recently developed Meadows community. Quick access to hwy 20 and main street. Located within one mile of new elementary school and the newest upcoming high school.

Community Ammenities: club house to include fitness center, large projection screen, party kitchen, and child play room. Several playground/recreation areas throughout community.

The Meadows HOA: maintains grass lands, sidewalks (snow removal), and exterior of townhomes. Water, sewer, and garbage by HOA.

Kitchen recently painted/accent wall and crown molding added. Kitchen includes spacious pantry and water heater closet. Large closet continuing under stairs, great for storage. Lined standing crawl space under entire first floor, again great for more storage.

1/2 bath

Livingroom recently painted, crown molding added.

Second level includes spacious master bedroom with his and her closets.
Privacy bath/toilet separate from vanity area.
Washer/dryer hook ups with above storage.

Second bedroom with two-tone paint and chair rail molding added.

Large closet, dresser room in closet, and storage shelf above. Fun space for any kid or great for an office setup or craft room!

Interesting in purchasing or renting, please email for additional photos, questions, and or to set up a tour! lindseylundholm@gmail.com

Monday, February 8, 2010

It's Another BOY!

We found out back on February 1, 2010 that Braden is going to get a little brother! YIPPEE.
Now if I didn't say I was kind of hoping for a girl I wouldn't be completely honest, but I am excited for them coming in pairs...especially since everything we have is BOY. We are just happy that everything looks healthy with this little guy. Can you see his arm, he was waving...he must have known he was going to be on camera.