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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

23 Months - February 2nd

So Braden and I tried one morning to take our own photo....it took about 20 tries. Hitting the button when he said "cheese" and not after, getting our faces in the screen without looking through the view finder, and keeping Braden from grabbing the camera. The top one was the best I think, but you can see we started out having a little trouble. I love this cute boy, he is my favorite!!

SO Braden is almost 2 years old, wow! Working on a few things to help him "grow up." So I am publicly admitting to giving my son a bottle at nap and bed time...STILL. It was just so easy, he was the greatest sleeper as a toddler! So we are a few days into this and it is going quite well, yeah. I was worried for nothing. Mainly my reason is that I work 40+ hours a week and am not home with Braden in the day time and I never wanted my babysitters to have to go through this transition.

Next step...toddler bed. Have it. Tried it. Went back to crib. Will try again after no bottle sinks in. Never try these two together, dah!

But I am happy to report I have never had to break any other bad habbits like the pacifier (luckily braden never would take one), stuffed animal, or really anything else...just the dang bottle.

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The Lusks said...

Adney was the same way with the Bottle. We took it away when he was two, which worked well for us. I think people make too big a deal about breaking their kids bad habits. No reason to push it before he or you are ready.