What's been going on with the Lundholms...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

two horses and a Braden

Brian is in IBC this semester and has to run a company and his company chose to do carriage rides, they take you around the school and the temple, so we decided to join in. Perfect idea for a college town and family community.....many date nights now include this fun carriage ride. Braden got to meet the two horses that pulled us, Bell and Goose. He was not that inpressed, but he did like to ride on the carriage and hear the click of their shoes.

Baby meets chair

So I am in making breakfast one morning and Braden discovers the kitchen chair. First he has both hands hanging on the legs while his legs are in the air and he is hanging on for dear life, screaming! So I ran to grab the camera but by the time I did, he let go with one hand and again still screaming. He didn't know whether to let go or grab back on, but he knew he was stuck. So still screaming I finally put down the camera and grabbed him from his stranded state. He was much happier then.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Staying with Grammy & Papa

Braden stayed with my mom and dad while I was in Bellevue for a business budget retreat. He loved the back yard, walks with Grammy and Auntie Meg. His Papa and Uncle Kevin also had fun with him make faces and teaching him new tricks. I think this is where Braden learned to crawl as fast as he does now...there is a lot more floor space and he learned he could roam free there. After four days of working I was able to go back to Puyallup and see my family with Braden. Even though I had four days of no crying, napping, no bottles and a full nights sleep every night I sure missed my baby boy! Braden and I also missed Brian/Daddy while we were gone for the week and were happy to see him when we got home. Brian must have missed us too, because when I came home he surprised me with completing our living room painting project, a huge bouquet of beautiful flowers, chocolate, new Sleeping Beauty on DVD, a new diaper bag, a clean house, and a few other gadgets around the house. WOW, was I spoiled, I should leave more often!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kaylee Ann

Megan wanted me to take 4 month photographs of Kaylee while I was in Washington this month. So Auntie Lindsey took these photos, we had lots of fun trying to get her to smile at just the right moment.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

7 months and string cheese

So Braden turned 7 months last Thursday, and he thinks he is a big boy now!  So along with his celery I gave him a string cheese stick...and he went to town with it.  He made a MESS!  But it was fun to see what he would do with it, you can see that he destroyed it and even actually ate some.  

So 7 months.....
Braden is still trying so hard to crawl for real...he still does this army crawl thing; however, he does sit up on his own from laying down now...yeah!  He is pulling himself up on things with just a little help, he yells really loud, and his new favorite thing is splashing in the bath tub.  He kicks his legs, water flys and soaks me every night at bath time!  I guess it is my fault I taught him to splash and has been doing it ever since. I think that is all the updates for now in Braden's life.  Happy healthy boy!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Brian's favorite football team ever since he was a little boy is the Cincinnati Bengals, he was so excited when Grandma Densie bought Braden a Bengals' onesie! Here they are in their matching attire. Now let's just hope that maybe the Bengals can improve their record this season....

Hoodie Homies

So Braden is so tickelish on his neck and cheek....so Daddy is trying to get him to wiggle around. He sure loves his Dad!

My New Shoes

As I was getting ready for work one day this week I walked into my room to find Braden putting on my heels. I ran and got the camera and he was still "wearing" my shoes. I love the little expression on his face that he got "caught" with mommy's shoes on. Braden is always so happy in the mornings! And always exploring EVERYTHING, including all my shoes!