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Friday, October 24, 2008

Staying with Grammy & Papa

Braden stayed with my mom and dad while I was in Bellevue for a business budget retreat. He loved the back yard, walks with Grammy and Auntie Meg. His Papa and Uncle Kevin also had fun with him make faces and teaching him new tricks. I think this is where Braden learned to crawl as fast as he does now...there is a lot more floor space and he learned he could roam free there. After four days of working I was able to go back to Puyallup and see my family with Braden. Even though I had four days of no crying, napping, no bottles and a full nights sleep every night I sure missed my baby boy! Braden and I also missed Brian/Daddy while we were gone for the week and were happy to see him when we got home. Brian must have missed us too, because when I came home he surprised me with completing our living room painting project, a huge bouquet of beautiful flowers, chocolate, new Sleeping Beauty on DVD, a new diaper bag, a clean house, and a few other gadgets around the house. WOW, was I spoiled, I should leave more often!

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Lance and Megan Jacobsen said...

It was sure fun hanging out with you and little Braden while you guys were up here. I love the pic of Braden and Kevin! Wow, way to go Brian what sweet suprises for when you got home!