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Monday, August 15, 2011

Grandma & Grandpa for 4th of July

This year Brian's parents came to visit us for the 4th of July!!
Since their last visit it did nothing but rain we tried to enjoy the sun while it lasted. We spent one afternoon at the farmers market and took them to one of our favorite little places in downtown Olympia...Cascadia Grill.

Elly (boys cousin) left her glasses in Grandma's van the week before so we thought it would be fun to include them on our adventures so Elly could see all the things her glasses got to see. We took them to Lattin's one more to feed the animals and get some homemade donuts.

Cascadia even provided fake pizza as an appetizer!

We also went to Ocean Shores on the 4th so we could have a day at the "beach"...not really my idea of a beach but since I don't recall ever going there we went...next time I think we will drive a little farther south...the wind about did us in. Everyone stuck it out pretty well and we had our BBQ...then we packed up and got out of that wind. More pics on that to come in next post....soon as I can find my cord to download my pics from my other camera since my card reader is not working! I think my camera hates me right now since everything on it is breaking!