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Sunday, February 28, 2010

SNOW day!

Brian had President's Day off at work so I took a vacation day and we spent it together! We started off my running to the mall for a few sale items. Braden wanted to take a ride on the toys there, but he got a little nervous so the ride ended a little early.
We then headed out to Terreton to meet up with Brian's brother Jared and his family. We ate at the Pizza shop in Terreton...so many options out there. haha. After bundling up we went outside to "play" in the snow....Braden is terrified of snow, so this was going to be a challenge. Being the mean mom that I am I made Braden play in it anyways...maybe he will get over his fear one day.
We pretty much had to carry him anywhere there was snow...which was everywhere.

OH here is a patch of brown grass...see the happy face now.

We took him on a few rides on the sled, thanks to Jared for pulling us around.

We finally got a laugh out of him at the end of this ride, yeah! Success!
Trying to teach Braden how to make a snow angel, showing him the snow is ok to be in
In the summer he liked riding on the 4wheeler so we thought this would be a good alternative to the snow angel making....we were wrong. Braden bawled the whole way....working on his whimpy side.
He did however, enjoy the swing!

Uncle Brian made a snow fort with Ashlyn and they had a little snow ball war with each other.
After a day in the snow we went in and enjoyed visiting while all the kids ran around playing. Good SNOW day!


The Lusks said...

Haha! What a silly kid! So cute though. PS- sorry for being bad examples in Sacrament meeting today!

Breeana said...

Oh how FUN! Haha, that's funny how he's not a fan of the snow... so far Brady isn't either.

The Bham Family said...

Looks like a fun day! That is so funny that he doesn't like the snow... you're in a good spot to fix that... there's no shortage of snow in Rexburg :) Braden is growing up and is so stinking cute!!! I love the pic of him on your header-- it's beautiful! Did you take it?

Bucket's List said...

Linds! I love that picture of Braden at the top of your bog! So stinkin' cute!!