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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Scallops in a Butternut Squash Creme'

A touch of spring and fall on our plates....since we had beautiful blooming flowers and tons of falling leaves in the backyard.
We enjoyed a lovely meal at my mom's house while were there a week ago...First we started off with my moms french onion soup (many hourse are spent making the real thing! thanks mom) it was fabulous, with giant homemade croutons.

Then we moved onto our main course of fresh scallops YUM! over a puree of butternut squash, topped with a most delious butter, garlic glaze, and other yumminess. This meal was AMAZING
Followed by pumpkin pie....didn't picture that opps.
My mom is one incredible chef!

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Bucket's List said...

yes. yes she is!
you and i...well, we're still workin' on it. haha!! cookies...limeades...just to name a few! great times!