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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

4 kids, 2 moms, and 1 uncle

SO on Monday, November 8th we set out in Meg's sweeet mini van, just 4 kids, 2 moms, and 1 uncle dav. Megan was our first driver for our 10 hour expidition to Twin Falls. We all had a pretty good time and thanks to movies, lots of snacks, and a few toys we kept Kaylee and Braden occupied and the babies did pretty well eating and sleeping a lot.
We took shifts driving and rotated tending to the babies in the back.

Can you see Braden holding Kaylee's hand? This was a frequent uccurance on our little drive.

I think we got everyone in this shot.
I will be posting pics of our fun in Twin.
A big thanks to my sis and bro for coming and helping me pack up our house while Brian was gone at work back in Washington.

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Kimra Bham said...

Looks like fun! It's good to see Megan's eyes still on the road in every picture :) So, are you in WA now? Where did you end up moving to?