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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


During November Grandma and Aunt Jessica came to see us, I think Grandma took all the photos, guess I'll have to get a copy of those....but for now here are a few random daily events at our house this month. Emmitt, Braden, and Brian can often be found playing Mario.
One of Emmitt's daily activities is to empty the pantry and all my kitchen cupboards.
This month Emmitt's vocabulary has tripled! Here he is pointing out the lights, one of his favorite words and things to point at.
The boys both love climbing into any kind of box....braden is showing Emmitt how it is done.
This month also began Braden's photography fun. He took a great picture of Emmitt and I. Better than his usual up close shots or pics of the walls I must say.
Emmitt started hanging from the stair rail so Braden had to show him up of course.

A few more of Braden's shots.

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