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Thursday, November 3, 2011


For Halloween this year we decided we should take Braden trick or treating for the first time. We usually just hung out with our friends or family or did ward truck or treats. This year we wanted Braden to go with his best pal Kyle to load up on candy. Saturday we joined the Stucki's who joined the Wall's at a trunk or treat...since our wards was on Halloween we chose to do this one. Then on Halloween we all set out in our neighborhood to fill up our candy buckets....and we scored....lots and lots of candy! Way too much candy. Since I never buy any Braden thought this was totally cool. We had to stop by our house to off load our first buckle fulls oh and the candy the moms had stashed in our pockets.
Brandon and Brian went back to our own houses to pass out candy while Becca, the kids, and I went out. Since Braden chose to dress up as a knight this year, it was only fitting to have Emmitt be a dragon. We then went back to the Stucki's to sort candy and enjoy and "adult" treat....cookie dough, Oreo, brownie bar Brian and I made. I little rich but fun to make!
Earlier that day Braden and I did carve a couple pumpkins...Braden was our photographer for this event so excuse my photo where I chose not to get ready for the day until after pumpkin carving.

Braden is posing like he is getting out the guts....but in reality he was to grossed out to do this part, so mom got to do it. He did do an excellent job of coloring on the pumpkins with markers. I guess we took no pics of the finished products. Braden had requested a bat and a scary face. So I attempted to carve the requests. Happy Halloween.

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Brandon and Becca said...

I am going to have to steal some pictures off your blog. I don't think I took any trick-or-treating. Such a fun night.