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Thursday, November 3, 2011

PreSchool Fun

For H this week we learned about hands, houses, and hot dogs, or and horses! We worked on counting things up to 20 and we made hot dogs in a blanket. The kids all loved learning about how to make dough and what yeast was. While our dough was resting we painted paper hot dogs and build a house out of an H. Then when our dough was ready we rolled it and wrapped it around our hot dogs....this was a fun lunch. These two were very proud of their hot dogs.

In October we took the kids to Lattin's Cider Mill for a field trip!
A few good apples!
Hallie and Braden a couple of cute pumpkins!
I love these big trikes
During D week we made Doughnuts, yum. We shook them in white bags filled with cinnamon and sugar and sprinkles. Hallie is for sure the girl in the group, measuring everything very carefully.
We also painted ducks, these kids LOVE to paint....I think because it involves getting a little messy, thank goodness for washable paint.

Here we are before we played a game involving our senses. They eat took a turn choosing something to observe with the senses to discover what it was. Some things were a little tricky like butternut squash and basil (braden totally got that one though...my little chef must know mommy loves to cook with fresh basil). Hallie was the most brave and tasted everything, I sure tricked them with the salt they all thought was sugar. This was a pretty fun one!

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Delee said...

I saw Lattin Farm on your site earlier this year and we went to check it out. It was really fun! Thanks for the tip! Your kids look cute in their costumes.