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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkin Patch...

One sunny October day a few weeks back the boys and I meet Grammy, Auntie Meg, Kaylee, and Emma at the pumpkin patch here in Lacey. This place has the best petting zoo ever! No one guarding the animals (like the fair), you can just go in and out of their little homes as you please. The kids loved it! Emmitt especially liked the goats! No fear! I realized I mostly took pics of Emmitt this time instead of Braden, which is okay because Braden is usually front and center in all the other photos.

Grammy and the babes!
Emmitt just thought the goats were so funny!
He also thought they needed some more food.
The kids all loved riding in the wheel barrows. We didn't get a picture of the soft fuzzy caterpillar we found...but I spotted a furry little guy near the barns and all the kids that it was pretty cool!
We took a hay ride around the pumpkin patch, and Braden was a little scared but as long as he was holding grams hand he was a ok!

Not sure if Emmitt liked the slide or not...I think there was a little smile in there.
Braden couldn't get enough of the ducks floating down the river...pump pump pump! Those things are a work out for your arm! Sure glad we have running water.
Emmitt found these holes fascinating...he loved getting his foot stuck in the holes! Strange child.
We also enjoyed a little pumpkin bowling! Emmitt totally picked up this pumpkin and carried it around, well he made it like three steps but it was super heavy for him.

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Kimra Bham said...

That last picture of Emmitt holding the pumpkin has to be one of the cutest ever!! He is such a little doll. Seriously! When can I meet your cute kids?!? :) Miss you!

P.S. You look great!!!