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Sunday, October 16, 2011

grandma and grandpa came to town!

Choices choices choices

Last Saturday grandma and grandpa came to visit us again!!! It was such a nice day we immediately took them to the pumpkin patch to enjoy the sun! Braden took his time picking out the BEST pumpkin.
I think he's the best little pumpkin!!

This is how Emmitt rolls...

Just chillin
A little pumpkin bowling....

Both of the boys loved riding on the tractors.

Emmitt is showing off his new walking skills! Yes that's right Emmitt is finally walking, don't worry he's only 16months....FINALLY says mom!
I think Grandpa gave Emmitt this giant spoon to eat with...maybe all the other spoons were dirty....It was pretty funny cause he actually tried eating with it.
I think he was being tickled.
Grandma really wanted a picture of the boys in their handsome church outfits....obviously Emmitt didn't want a picture.
A little cleaning while Grandma was here...Emmitt thought he'd help out.

Every night there was LOTS and LOTS of playing. Braden's favorite game involved Grandpa flying this little spin toy upstairs to him, then him throwing it back down...over and over and over again. Grandpa was such a good sport playing with Braden! I don't think his energy ever runs out, if only we could all have the same amount of enthusiasm as this little three year old.
Two handsome dudes!! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for coming to see all of us. We all miss you already!


Kimra Bham said...

Cute, cute pictures! That pumpkin patch place looks awesome! I can't believe how old Emmitt looks in this post- he looks like a toddler instead of a baby to me :) Glad you had fun with family!!

Pugmire family said...

They are adorable! Emmitt looks like your side of the family for sure! I love staying updated on your family!