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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fair Date

Braden and mommy had a date at the fair together so we could do the rides and eat yummy food! We met Aunt Meg and Kaylee and rode the bus down to the fair....both daddys had to work at the fair so we said hi to them and then back to the rides we went.

Braden specifically requested lemonade, corn, and the blue cotton candy. He ate this giant sugary fluff all by himself! He also won a duck playing a fishing game which we left on a ride. So I went back to claim our missing duck and saw that another little girl had taken it. I tried to get it from her but then her mom informed me she brought it on the ride....oops...wrong race car, I felt a little dumb. We found the duck in the other blue car.
We rode on the foot massage ride, Braden thought that one was kind of funny. But since his legs weren't long enough to reach he stood on my feet so he could feel the vibrations. Then we headed to the train...the one ride I went on $3 worth of fun!
Our self portrait....not my best angle.
Thanks to Aimee and Grammy for watching Emmitt so we could enjoy the fair together....we finally headed home after a little band practice.

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Kimra Bham said...

This looks like such a fun little night! Your little Braden looks so grown up :) I know I probably say this every year when people in WA post about the fair, but I really miss the Puyallup Fair! You're such an awesome mom-- I can tell from your posts how much you love your boys :) Miss you!