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Sunday, June 5, 2011

May 2011

So the month of May was still a little chilly here in WA...and the kids wanted to play outside. Since we were at Meg's all our options were pink. Braden didn't mind, hey he is only three.
Cute little Emmitt.
Braden gathering all the teaspoons for his "work belt."
Braden is adding spoons to my belt too.
He is wearing the little apron I wore when I was his age. Love it!
But since Braden doesn't like things touching his neck we fold the front down, plus this is more manly. The following pictures were taken by Braden, the world at his height.

Papa came over one Saturday to build us a garden box and he did a little lawn make over. I will have to post more pictures of the finished product later.
Braden was Papa's little helper, handing him the screws he needed. Soon as Papa got out his drill Braden says, "I'll be right back I need to get my tools." What a boy.

Emmitt enjoying the outdoors!
Braden loves climbing this rock at the park.
One weekend we went out with Grammy to Watson's for some flowers...we had to make a little pit stop to the Worthen's so my mom could stitch up Dr. Worthen's finger. So we played outside.

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