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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 1st....Mamma arrives

So June 1st has arrived and no baby yet.....
My mom also arrived....a day early. So she thought she was flying on Tuesday, June 2nd...but June 2nd is on Wednesday. So when she arrived at the air port on Tuesday, June 1st she was a little surprised by the ticket that said Wednesday. Haha. The people at the airport said it happens all the time. So she flew anyways! One more day with us, ya!
A big thank you to my mom for all the help she was over the next few days....She cooked, cleaned, did laundry, played with Braden, kept me company, and was just here!! It was great. So now June 2nd, Wednesday night I started feeling really sick....like major vomiting sick. I thought yay maybe the baby is on its way. BUT NO.
Thursday, June 3rd...contractions all day long...just little ones that made no sense timing wise.
Friday, June 4th...more contractions and this time they hurt but are not time able. So my mom says Brian you and Lindsey go out and I will watch Braden. So we go to a movie...Robin Hood. Painful contracts in parking lot to movie, 3 bad ones during movie, come home more painful ones more often. HMMM....still not regular. So what do we do when we get home watch another movie with my mom....so bed time umm about 1am. NOT a good idea tonight. Hopefully baby comes soon. Since by this point sleeping is miserable.

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The Bham Family said...

Crazy! No sleep right before delivering a baby... you must be exhausted!!! Are you going to finish your story?? :) And put up some pics of Emmitt? Can't wait to hear the rest!