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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 5, 2010

Saturday, June 5th...We went to bed about 1am that night and as Brian quickly fell asleep as per usual, as I lay there unable to fall asleep because of the contractions that were seeming to be more consistent about every 30-20minutes, then as the clock ticked by they were quickly 10 minutes apart, then 7, then about 5 minutes...I think. About 2:30am I decided it might be time to wake Brian up from his restful night sleep. Soon as he was coherent he was in a very quick scurry around our room to get dressed. I have never seen him wake up so quickly. By now I was sure they were 5 minutes apart and we were out the door just after I let my know we were going to the hospital...yay today would be the day.
As we arrived to the emergency room they got me the most ginormous wheelchair I ever saw...then up to the second floor and time to check in...I mean I am in painful contractions by this time about 3minutes apart and they want me to give information and sign papers, I am pretty sure I remember Brian taking care of this the first time around. And they wanted to weight me....weird!
So we get into our room and I was already to a 6, she said it is a good thing you didn't wait longer or there would have been no epidural option....thank you for the miracle of drugs! Although, it took almost another hour to have it in, it was worth it. By now it was probably about 5:30am...now I got to rest while I felt no contractions and finished dilating. By about 6:30am they said I was a 9 and it should be soon. Just after 7am I was to the magic number 10...but baby had not quite gotten low enough. So they sat me up to help him out. This is where it slowed down a little, I was just waiting for him to get lower for about the next hour when she said let's do some practice pushes. Less than 30 minutes later our little boy made is entrance!
Welcome Emmitt Brian Lundholm!!
Weighing in at 7lbs. 5 oz. and 21 1/4inches long he arrived at 8:47am on June 5th.
Those are some long feet litte guy! So he has more hair then Braden did but it is a lot lighter in color...still trying to figure out what color it is. Kind of a light brown, but Brian is confinced that he is going to have red hair or stawberry blonde like mine. Guess we will see. Braden was born with dark brown hair and it went blonde pretty quickly.

Proud DAD!

Later that day my mom brought Braden up to meet his new little brother. He had been calling my tummy baby Emmitt for a little while but we both wondered what he was thinking when was holding this new little baby. He at first seemed a little shy and unsure about it all...
but he quickly welcomed him with lots of kisses....this kid sure is loving a little too loving with all the hugs and kisses.

Grammy with both of her grandsons.

Our family!! Not sure why we ever take photos right after having a baby....not my prettiest moment but sure a special one. More photos to come of our next 6 days at the hospital.


The Lusks said...

Yay! Congrats! Emmitt is beautiful and you look great!

Lance and Megan Jacobsen said...

Yay! I can't wait ta meet him!!!

Linda said...

Love the baby pictures! Very cute!! Glad you made it in time for the epidural! :-)

I will for sure tell Chris tomorrow during his visit about the David Archuleta thing. I actually gave two of the tickets to Rexburg Housing and we did a drawing for our residents. I think it generated some renewals and at least 1 new contract, so that was good!

Linda said...
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