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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 6th...admitted to the NICU

So the last thing you want to hear when you have just had a new sweet little baby and you are recovering from delivery is...."we are admitting your baby to the NICU." I got to hear those words with Emmitt. Sunday afternoon the nurse said he just is not looking great and we need to monitor him more closely, I will have the doctor come in and visit with you. So the nurse leaves and I burst into tears. Not sure what is wrong with my baby but he is being taken into the NICU and I can visit him anytime but he won't be coming back into your room until he is better.

So we went down there to see him and got all the rules like: only two visitors at a time, if you are not one of the parents you must be accompanied by one, non parents can only visit after 1pm. Wash, wash, wash your hands. :) So what they know so far, his digestive system appears to be working a little backwards. He is spitting up green stuff which means it is going the wrong direstion. His intestines are pushing it the wrong way! Otherwise everything else appears to be perfect. So because of this they will not let him eat. He gets sugars and salts to keep him stable....that is basically what his little IV mixture is.
You can see the little IV in his head, he had kicked out the one in his foot and the ones in their head seem to stay in a lot better since they wiggle so much. They just don't look very good. SO he had a few tubes we had to watch for....1. IV in head so they could feed him, 2. NG tube this was so they could suck out air and bad fluids from his tummy, 3. 2 little monitors for his heatrate and breathing, 4. cuff around his foot for his blood pressure, 5. cord to monitor tempature he had his own personal tempature control bed. Later he ended up having a little high flow tube...help rest his lungs, it just kept his lunges expanded so he didn't have to work so hard to breath. So you can imagine how fun it was to hold him with all these cords...we always got them all tangled up....pet peeve of the nurses tangled cords so they would fix it all for us.
Thank you to Grammy for being here with us. I have no idea how we would have done it without her! She stayed with Braden while I was still in the hospital so Brian could be here with me and Emmitt.
They also asked me to move to the 4th floor because the delivery floor was getting full....if they ever ask me to do this again I will say NO! Not a good experience! Those nurses are not anything like the nurses that take care of new mommies and when you are recovering from labor you need nurses that know what they are doing. Plus there was a shower on the floor, not in your room..ANNOYING! Thank goodness I was only on the ped level for one night, but that was one night too long.
Brian and I continued to visit every three hours.

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The Lusks said...

How scary! I hope your little guy gets better soon!