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Monday, July 12, 2010

June 7th Going home without my baby

Day 2 in the NICUToday when we went in to see Emmitt they added the high flow (oxgen) to help open his lunges so he didn't have to work as hard so his little tummy could rest and get better. This was a little hard for Brian to see, just another set of tubes in his nose:( They discharged me on this day so we went home...without a baby. But we came back every three hours.
They alternated this little cuff every three hours from left to right foot.

Each time we came in (every three hours) they would take his vitals, I would change his diaper, and then we could hold him:) the best part.
That night we took Braden in to see him for a minute. He was so careful with his baby brother. I was a little worried he might pull on the cords but it was like he didn't even notice them.

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