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Monday, July 12, 2010

June 8th....Day 3 in NICU!

We were happy to see that he didn't need his little oxygen tube today! As you can see he doesn't get to wear clothes yet. He is currently in his own little room, this is where they keep the ones they are watching more carefully, so at least we know he is in good hands. We have had several nurses during all of this. They switch nurses at 7am and 7pm. So we have Amanda in the day time, who we really like. She is great, and doesn't treat us like we know nothing, but she gives us the info we need. At night is our goofy nurse Max, he is totally over helpful. He takes good care of Emmitt, but I think he forgets we have been doing this for 3 days every three hours. So we always get the same thing, "are you comfortable changing his diaper, or would you prefer I do it." HA like I have never changed a diaper. He is a little strange but I think genuinely a nice guy. Our doctors were Dr. Trotter and now we have Dr. Moffitt, who is really great.
Maybe a half smile....
So tiny, so cute! Today he got to start eating a little food. We started with 10 cc of breast milk. That was like 4 little swallows for him. He has to get to 45cc which is just over 1 ounce. So we give him his milk in a little tiny bottle. The next feeding they will see if it is digested or if it comes back through his little NG tube. He progressed slowly and he would digest some but not all, so if there was some left the nurse gave it back to him through his tube then we would feed him another 10cc. She also pulled out some air, but that went down as the day progressed. He was able to move to 15cc later in the day or it might have been night.... :)

We are trying to remain positive that he will get to come home soon, he just has to keep up the eating and get to his 45 cc. At about 20-30 cc they will let me breast feed him instead of doing it through the bottle. SO that means I better keep pumping so I can get this little guy some food. I have been doing okay, at least he can't eat too much since I bring in like an ounce or two at a time. The nurse always cheers me on though and says this is GREAT! Just keep it up. And I always laugh cause it isn't very much....but this stuff is liquid gold. Hopefully the real milk will be in soon.


The Bham Family said...

How hard, Linds! Wow-- I can't even imagine! He is so adorable in these pictures-- looks so tiny! :) How do you look so thin and cute! Seriously- you don't even look like you've just had a baby :) Can't wait to hear the rest of the story- especially about when he finally gets to come home!! :)

Anonymous said...

Linds! I g uess I missed the first post of you hav in g Emmitt! I have bee n thinking about you tons. He is so adorable and looks a lot like Braden. Congratulations !

I really hope he will be better soon. What a hard trial. You and Brian are so strong. We will pray for you and little Emmitt.

Emrie and I will be in Twin in about 3 weeks! Hopefully we can come visit. :)