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Monday, July 12, 2010

June 9th.....DAY 4 A road bump in our hopes to bring baby home today

This morning when we went to see Emmitt we got some not so good news. During the night he had a few dips in his breathing, enough that it caused concern to watch him. SO for a few hours they watched him carefully and he didn't bounce back up without a little stimulation. So in the morning the doc ordered another chest x-ray. He reviewed the results with us. The x-ray they had taken just two days before looked normal. This one showed a little fluid forming in the lungs. It appeared a little pneomonia had begun. So the doc ordered for some antibiotics to clear it up. This was not good news because usually that means another 3-5 days in the NICU...depending on how things are looking. And we hoped to bring him home possibly today...since his feedings seemed to be progressing nicely.
This was where I just about lost it, I had been keeping it together quite nicely...staying positive and knowing that he would come home soon. But I couldn't help burst into tears in the elevator as we left the hospital this time. I just wanted my almost 5 day old baby to be ok.
On a more positive note he did get to move out into the main floor of the NICU and he got to wear PJs! If you notice in photo above:) Also, they had to move his IV to the front of his head, now he is just a unicorn not a lopsided unicorn. That is what the nurses call it.
Meanwhile, back home....Braden had been enjoying time with Grammy who stayed extra time to help us out! THANK YOU! She usually came home with a new toy for braden each time they went out...just what he needs more toys. HA. Well at least he now plays with these ones. This time it was a bucket full of sand toys so he could dig in the sand box....Braden had a different idea, this became a hat, and he walked around the house with it on his head too.
He kindly posed for a few photos of his goofy new hat.
We noticed Emmitt seem to do better with keeping his feedings down the more we visited so we tried to be at each one. I should mention we didn't go to the 2:30am time but we made all the others....Brian and I became quite familiar with our hospital route and elevator rides. Thank you to mom for coming with me to the 11:30pm time so Brian could do the 5:30am time before work. All I can say is this driving back and forth pretty much took up our entire day, luckily we only live 1o minutes from the hospital..can you imagine if it were further?? I am so grateful my mom could be here so we could be with Emmitt and Braden had someone who loved him taking great care of him. She ran him ragged no naps and he usually was in bed by 10pm I think. They had a lot of fun playing together.

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Anonymous said...

He is so precious!! I am glad everything has turned out well!