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Monday, July 12, 2010

June 10th DAY 5 in NICU

Emmitt is continuing to eat better, he had a little backtracking but he is now been put on an on demand eating schedule...instead of every three hours he gets to eat when he wants. So we try to estimate but today I got a call from the nurse saying he is awake and HUNGRY so get here quick. The funny thing is when he was first born we thought he was such a quite little cryer, nothing like Braden was. But after he started getting better we quickly realized he had a set of lungs that worked quite well...at least that is what the nurse told us.
When I arrived to feed him there was this sweet little old lady rocking him. She was a volunteer who got the best job in the world, holding little babies! She had him calmed down and almost asleep.
At the end of the day before the doc left he let us know they would take an x-ray in the morning and that would let him know if the antibiotics did their job. If everything looked good he may get to come home. Cross your fingers he is better! We are hoping my mom will get to enjoy him one day before she flys back to Washington on Saturday.
I guess I didn't take any photos on this day.

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