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Monday, July 12, 2010

June 11th Day 6 x-ray results

I went in for the morning feeding and the doc was not in yet, so I headed back home anxious to know what the results of the x-ray were. Just as we were sitting down for lunch I got a call from a nurse saying the doc was releasing Emmitt and I could come and pick him up, and the sooner I could do that the better. Well, you didn't have to ask me twice. I called Brian who was out on the road for work and told him we could take our baby home. He was about 15 miles away so he would meet me there. YAY!!! My mom, Braden, and I all climbed in the car and headed to the hospital. Finally we could bring him home with us.
Braden helped me dress Emmitt in his new little outfit from his Uncle David. Thanks Dav!!
Many kisses for baby brother.
Our newest addition...I guess I should look at the camera.

Happy Mommy!!
It is hospital policy I had to ride in a wheel chair...I didn't object. However, someone should have told me I had chubby cheeks here.
I guess kinda like my baby, HA.
I rode in the back with both of my boys since we had my mom with us too!

Happy Daddy taking his baby into his new home.
Brian is super sensitive (sweet) when it comes to his boys...so he was really excited when Emmitt came home. This whole experience was really hard on all of us but especially him.
Grammy with grandson number two. Now she has 4 grandchildren!!
Everyone enjoyed having him home and he slept through it all of course.
Brothers! Best friends already.

He has his daddy's and brother's chin, nose, and dimples! He has mommy's eyes, lips, and we think his hair is going to be strawberry blonde like his moms. We will see.

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