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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The waiting game.....

Now that we have moved we get to unpack and get ready for the lil bebe to arrive. I have three weeks to focus on "being pregnant" and getting ready...well three weeks until my due date that is. Braden came 11 days early so hopefully this little one can stay in there a little longer.
We were able to get all unpacked pretty quickly, but we were exhausted every night for the next week.
Baby's room is ready to go! His little bed in our room is up too...I fully support moving babies into their own room right away but the first month they eat so dang often that he will be in our room for a little bit.
So now we just wait...I have all my flowers planted and they are looking good (this was my mother's day present)....the weekend we moved, happy mother's day, ha! That's alright.
My mom will be coming in on June 2nd to help out, so we aren't sure when the baby will arrive so hopefully we planned a good week for her to come the 2nd through the 9th.
Still committing to a name...hmmm....guess will let you all know once he comes out!

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