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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Brian's 30th Birthday at the Waterfront

We spent the afternoon down by the waterfront in Olympia. Braden loved all the boats!

Braden pointing out jellyfish.
Never can get these two to look at the camera at the same time....at least I learned how.

Happy 30th Birthday Brian! What a sweet daddy you are!! Your boys love you.

Braden wasn't sure about this "mermaid robot"....
I must say I have one handsome little boy!
Timer photos...never seem to work out the best at least we made it in the photo.

Braden thought this fountain was the coolest.

Sweet lighting! Braden wasn't even worried about getting wet he just kept following the water...a little too close since his shoes ended up wet.
Now why couldn't I get him to do this at the spray park in the summer?

What blue eyes you have Emmitt! Mom, couldn't you have not taken a blurry picture.

Then we went to dinner as a family.

Happy Birthday Daddy! We love you so much!

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Kimra Bham said...

Cute, cute pictures!! What a beautiful family-- your boys are so handsome!!