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Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Sister

Happy Birthday Megs! My sister turned 25 on January 8th and so we threw a little fiesta! We attempted to make one of us girls' favorite salads served at Bajio's, a place we ate at in Rexburg a lot. With all the yummy toppings that included at least 10 different things all piled in our home made tortilla bowls, we topped it off with a cilantro lime dressing. We also served Brazilian limeades!! Above is the cake I made meg. It was an almond cake, with raspberry cream cheese filling (6 layers) and a butter cream frosting on the outside. Since I decided not to do a fondant on the outside this time we (Braden and I) decorated with some fun fake flowers and ribbon.

Brian picked out these sweeet candles!

My mom even has Fiesta plates made by my Grandma...something with our family and mexican food....we even make our own plates. LOL

So Megan and I were attempting to take a nice sister photo...but we couldn't get Megan to be serious....not sure why.

Almost got it...

There we go.

All the kids being silly.

Yeah a pic of Brian and I...since we never seem to take those anymore.

Meg and her girls

We all had fun playing together!!!

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Lance and Megan Jacobsen said...

Thanks Linds it sure was a fun party!!! Love ya!