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Sunday, February 27, 2011


When we woke up to snow Braden was so excited to go outside and build a snowman, but by the time we made it outside this is all the snow Braden was able to scoop up. Emmitt also got to enjoy a few flakes that day...outside loving the bumbo.


Day 2...SNOW
Braden and I taking our own timed photo...yay it worked...

So the next morning there was a lot more snow outside and so during Emmitt's morning nap we made it back outside to attempt making a snowman.

Braden loved eating the snow.

This is our snowman...the snow wasn't so great for making a snow man but we tried. Braden was proud of it.

So this kid can't handle getting snow on his gloves, or dirt or anything on him really. He kept taking them off to clean them. I finally taught him it was okay to get snow on his gloves so he finally left them on and just dusted them off EVERY time.

We sure had fun!

Glad we got a little bit of winter in Lacey.

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