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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tubes for Braden

Tomorrow morning at 6:30am we will be at the hospital with Braden, he is getting tubes put in his little ears. He has had ear infection after ear infection and the fluid is not draining so these should surely help. Its a same day surgery and shouldn't be too big of a deal, he has a new comfy outfit for the surgery, new Thomas the train books to keep us busy while we wait, and his latest favorite movie "The Polar Express." (cause there is a "cool" train in it)
We will update with pictures soon. Hey I think this means I am caught up for the time being on my blogging. WOOOHOO! Took me long enough.

Well actually we went to the park with Emrie and Noelle yesterday I am going to have to snatch some of the pics you took Noelle of the kids holding hands that was pretty cute.

So I have never been one to blog and just type what's going on without pics but I think I am leaning towards doing that occasionally so I will do a better job of journaling since this seems to be the only way I get it done! More on the journal side to come.

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Kimra Bham said...

Hope it went well!!