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Monday, August 23, 2010

Braden's Ear Surgery

So Braden hasn't been listening very well so we had a little ear surgery to improve the situation.

Ok. I wish that would work! HA! No, that was a fun family home evening lesson we did about listening to mom and dad and Heavenly Father. We made some fun giant ears and Braden thought it was fun to wear them, but now I dont think he can see.

Ok the real ear surgery was to put tubes in his ears. So we were at the hospital bright and early, 6:30am. This is Braden in his "cool" hospital clothes (the only ones they had in his size nice colors for a boy I know), and sitting on his special bed.
He did really well, I could tell he was a little nervous and a little excited to see the doctor. His surgery was at 8:20am and the doc came out at 8:30am saying it went well and they would come and get me in a few minutes when he was awake. About 15 minutes later a nurse came out and said the only way Braden would let them pick him up was if they brought him to his mommy...can I get an ahhh. He was pretty much hysterical when I got in there and gasping for breathe between his sobs. Since when he woke up he didn't know where he was or what happened it was a little scary. After holding him for about 20 minutes he calmed down as the anesthesia wore off. Then he just kept saying, "Mom stand up and walk, go home." He still had to drink his apple juice before we could go, oh and change out of those cute clothes. He happily drank the juice but it took some confining to take off his stylish hospital garb. Apparently he had become attached.
The nurse then brought him a big happy face balloon and he got to pick out a toy...he got a little green frog to match his bathroom. Then we were home my 9:30am...wheeww glad we made it through that one. The rest of the day he was happy but a little tired, in fact he fell asleep while watching cars on the living room floor about 1pm. Wow, that was an easy go down for nap time! That night we got pizza as requested by Braden and Diesel to add to his train collection. Good job Braden for being so brave in the hospital and thanks to his fun nurse Stephanie and Dr. Mayes for hopefully helping him hear better! I just wish this would improve his listening skills too.

This is us trying to take our own photo with my phone. AHH did I forget mascara again, geeez, that is what you get for doing make up at 5am.

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Breeana said...

Hahahaha! I think the "big ears" idea is adorable! I had tubes put in my ears as a toddler, too. Apparently I screamed a lot as a baby due to earaches and tubes really helped, my mom said.

And I can't even tell you forgot mascara - you look lovely!