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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma Mickie and more...

So last week Brian had a business trip to Spokan for the week, so the boys and I headed to Grandma's house for the week. Great timing to go on vacation huh! We got to see friends, celebreate Grandma's birthday, go to Katie's wedding reception, and ride motor bikes with Grandpa. Thank you again for letting us come it was really great to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa (brian's parents) and I really enjoyed cooking for everyone that week.

As you can see above Emmitt is a little thumb sucker on occasion. He found his thumb and it was so cute I had to take a picture, now its time to break him of this habit. LOL

Braden was helping make brownies with me, he does a most excellent job licking the spoon.

For Mommy Lundholm's birthday we made shredded pork tacos, homemade fresh salsa, corn and black beans, and rice. And to drink we made Brazilian limeades, YUM!!! That are so good and really easy to make. As requested I made a fresh cherry pie and because we didn't think that was enough we also made a brownie trifle that was super yummy!
And since it was a PARRRRTTTY and Braden says we blew up balloons and Braden got Grandma some beautiful flowers that I arranged, man I should have taken a photo of those. Stinks when you are only using your iPhone camera...need to charge my dang camera batteries, is that so hard to do. Aunt Melissa and Aunt Jessica came over to party with us, oh and of course new Uncle Logan.

So this is Emmitt eyeing Braden I think he was racing to blow out the candles. See mouth open and ready! HA! Wow that pie looks like it is on fire.

Brian flew into Boise Friday night then headed to Hamer to meet up with us. YAY! We were so excited to have him with us again. The next day we just hung around the house, got to take a good long nap...amazing! Then Grandpa got out the motor bikes and Brian took Braden on a ride. He loved it, he kept saying faster dad faster! He wouldn't let Grandpa take him quite yet, I think he was still a little nervous. He just loves his Daddy! Then we went "out" for some pizza. To the Mudlake pizza shop where Brian worked in high sc

After church on Sunday we headed home a little nervous for the drive since I had to two grumpy boys in my car and Brian was in front of us in his car....but luckily within the first 10 minutes both boys were sound asleep. THANK YOU!


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Breeana said...

Your sweet baby (how do you spell it: Emmet? Emmit?) is adorable - LOVE the thumb-sucking pictures.

And I didn't know you were such a fabulous cook... holy cow. Is there anything you DON'T do? ;)