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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Random Moments this Summer PART 1

We have had a lot of fun so far this summer and here is a LONG line of pics to prove it. Since I now spend my days at home with the boys all week we try to keep busy playing, going to the park, and taking pics with my handy iPhone...so I finally uploaded them to the computer so they are not really in order...Normally this is not a problem but Emmitt looks so different from week to week that I realized I may be posting him out of growth order. I am trying not to let this bother the perfectionist in me. Speaking of perfection...that seems to go out the window when you have a two year old and a two month old...whatever will I do?!? Oh above is Braden wanting a picture with Woody and Buzz his two best pals.

We go to the city park a lot and Braden always wants to chase the squirrels. Above he is waiting for the squirrel to "come here" he couldn't figure out why he wouldn't listen.

Trying to take a pic of all of us with the phone not bad I say.

After the park we stopped off to an ice cream shop where they make these perfect little kiddy cones for .74 cents!! Braden saying cheese for me.

what skinny little legs you have....3 weeks
Making pizza on Costco's fabulous garlic bread, half supreme, half Canadian bacon pineapple. YUM!

Braden turns around quickly and says NO to the picture, but hah I got it anyway.

We went to a car show at the City Park and thought these ones were the best there.

Emmitt: 3 weeks old

Enjoying the shade pool side with mom while dad and Braden swim.

So this is a helmet Brian has signed by a whole bunch of quarter backs...Braden always wants to wear it. Apparently Brian caved this morning.

Braden, Emmitt, and I walked around the Twin Falls Temple grounds one afternoon. Braden LOVED the fountains it has.

This Saturday we went to the mall and did a little shopping after which we got Braden Jesse to add to his collection of Woody and Buzz. He loved seeing Toy Story 3 in the theatre!

So here we are in Macy's and Braden says "cheese mom cheese" ... this is while I am looking in the shoe department. He wanted a pic by the wall behind him with Jesse. He insisted it was by this wall, not sure why. Don't you love this mom with both boys while dad is browsing the men's department. It is just easier this way I guess for both of us.

After the mall we stopped off to climb down behind the water fall that is right behind our house.

Emmitt: 5 weeks old wearing outfit given to him by Aimee.

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