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Sunday, August 1, 2010

To Grandmother's House We GO....

We set out on our first "trip" with Emmitt and Braden, we drove to Hamer (2.5 hrs) to visit Brian's parents for the weekend. On Saturday we met up with Jared, Brooke, Ashlyn, and Ellysa at the zoo in Idaho Falls. It was Dr. Doolittle day so it was packed with tons of excited children. We found clues around the park to answer the questions on our scavenger hunt paper. Inside the bag Braden is holding above we collected little toys and stickers along the way. If we could answer all the questions we would get a stuffed gecko at the end! Below us Braden and Elly are laughing at the funny looking monkeys swinging in their cage. They had fun together, holding hands and getting into mischief.

This is one of the stops where Daddy helped Braden "fish" for a prize. Then Elly and Braden went swimming for ducks.

The kids always love the animals you can sit on.

We spent about two hours at the zoo today doing the scavanger hunt in the HOT sun. The tiger was way to hot to sit on for our photo. You can see how excited Braden was for the family pic. We were nearing the end and it was nap time.

We sent Braden back to Grandma's with Jared and Brooke, so Brian and I could go see Eclipse!! We couldn't see the midnight showing in Twin....man I need to find some baby sitters. Brian and I first had dinner at Red Robin and then went to the movie. Emmitt came along, I love it when they are little enough to just sleep through everything.
We both LOVED the movie and are ready to see it again. I think it is time for me to read the books again, its been a while.
We enjoyed visiting with family that evening, even Great Grandma and Uncle Larry stopped in to see us and new baby Emmitt.
We headed back to Twin on Sunday after Braden had a nap (church always wears him out...he just loves nursery I guess). We enjoyed being there with Grandma and Grandpa. I suppose we should have gotten a pic with them. But here are the boys on Sunday in their Sunday best.

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