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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Attempting Spooners

So we started out the day ready pick out a pumpkin at Spooners, unfortunately we were a week early and the pumpkins were not out yet...how very sad to me because we were headed back to Idaho the next day so we wouldn't get to take Braden to the "pumpkin patch." So instead we headed to the Farmer's Market in downtown Puyallup. Since that was not such a kid friendly idea we ended up at the park playing and eating the yummy food from the market. It was such a lovely day...Brian was not very happy I made him wear a long sleeve shirt...however it was the only thing that matched the rest of us. See we were supposed to be at the pumpkin patch....fall family pics...so we just took a quick one on this mini bench Braden found. Say cheese.

Don't you love how Emmitt's head is as big, well maybe bigger than Braden's. Love my chubby cheeked little boy.

Oh and these are the sweeet boots my Dad got Braden for the muddy Pumpkin Patch. HA! He loves these and still


Kimra Bham said...

Cute kid wearing boots :) Love it! I bet there's a pumpkin patch somewhere in ID you could go to... they're always fun!

LundHOMEpage said...

Ya, we will go to one next weekend here I think. Must test out the boots...it just won't be muddy here yet. Maybe it will cool down.