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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ferry Ride and a Burger

Braden was really wanting to ride on a boat so we took a ferry ride up to Seattle and then ate at this little burger place called Zips. Apparently it had amazing burgers....we shall see.

Waiting to board the ferry.....

Lance figured it would be easiest to just carry the two two year olds. HA

Super windy!

These two had fun looking at the water and running all over the ferry, it was pretty empty so that was nice for them.

Ya we are in a pic together, that never happens anymore.

Emma and Emmitt. We had to lean them together to get them to stay up.

So this is us at Zips in West Seattle. And yes ymmy burgers and shakes!

It was a really tiny little spot, we filled pretty much all the seating.

See that sweet burger!

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Kimra Bham said...

How fun! These make me miss WA! Doing the Puyallup sounds like a blast, riding the ferry into the city is just classic, and time with family was probably the best! I hear you're moving there? YAY for you-- I bet you're so excited to be close to your family!!