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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Love to my cousin

Auntie Meg, Kaylee and Grams came to Idaho to visit. Mainly because David was getting his wisdom teeth out and he needed his mama there. :) Luckily it fell the week of Braden's Birthday so they got to be at the party.
This photo was minutes after they arrived Wednesday evening, Braden went right over and started hugging his cousin Kaylee and tried picking her up. IT was the cutest thing I have ever seen, it was like he had really really missed her, remembered who she was, and wanted to show his counsinly love. The whole visit he just wanted to be with Kaylee and play with her and give her hugs. Now Kaylee is three months younger and not quite ready for her very active boy cousin to tackle her....so we tried to teach Braden to be gentle with her. Kaylee was a real sport and never got upset over it. I can't wait until they can see each other more often and play regularly together.

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The Bham Family said...

So Sweet! That's awesome that they got to come visit :)